Women Share The Things That Aren't As Attractive As Guys Think They Are | HuffPost Life

Women Are Sharing Things Men Think Are Attractive But Actually Aren’t, And Points Are Certainly Being Made  Y’all better be taking notes 

Sometimes, you can just tell when a guy thinks he’s doing something suuuuuuper hot…but in reality, it’s not AT ALL.

Y’all, points were made and thoughts were certainly not held back. Here are 17 of the very best answers:
1. “Being weird about things they deem ~girly~”
“I had a guy check out my DVD collection and say, ‘Oh, you have ‘girl’ movies.’ I have movies from Legally Blonde to The Fast and the Furious to every Best Picture winner of the last 20 years. Apparently, having anything other than just action movies made it ‘girly.'”

— u/1throwawayor4

2. “Being overly aggressive with other people”
“Like, you are out at a club with him and he is ready to pick fights with anyone who (he thinks) looks at him or me wrong. I think it makes them feel macho, but it’s a huge turnoff.”
— u/GTmakesthepaingoaway

3. “Sending unsolicited dick pics”
— u/MsMuffinstuffer

“I’ve never understood it. Like, has it ever worked? Has there ever been a time where a girl opened her phone to an erect penis from a rando and thought, ‘yes please!'”

— u/RewolbFael

4. “‘You aren’t like other girls’ compliments”
“My guy, if you hate women so much, why are you trying to get me to join you? Most women past high school mentality don’t hate other women, and hearing about how much you hate women doesn’t make me feel safe or attracted.”

— u/saintsithney

5. “Thinking they know everything”
“Sure, intelligence is nice, but it’s fucking transparent when you start bullshitting just so you don’t have to admit there’s something you don’t know. Especially if I do know it.”

— u/vikraej

6. “Making the gym their whole personality”
“There’s a very specific type of gym bro who may be conventionally attractive and buff, but they have no personality whatsoever. Everything revolves around their gym schedule and eating brown rice, chicken, and broccoli every single day.”

— u/what_the_a

“Making fitness/extreme sports/calorie counting your entire personality. I mean, I get it. It’s hard work. Great job. I’m proud of you. Yes, your abs are hot. But can we talk about other stuff now? Like, please? Show me you’re not some video game NPC programmed to repeat the same lines over and over again.”

— u/forponderings

7. “Being a ‘nice guy'”
“Obviously I don’t mean being an actual nice person, but the ‘you owe me sex because I’m a ~nice guy~’ men.”

— u/rycbar99

8. “Confusing arrogance with confidence”
— u/Leeser

9. “Over-confidence or the need to show off”
— u/Glasswall1

“*Famous last words: ‘Hey guys! Look what I can do!!’*👍”

— u/AndringRasew

10. “Making a high tolerance for drugs or alcohol a personality trait”
— u/renperez87

“They think they’re so epic, but it’s honestly embarrassing when it’s a constant and people have to babysit you during a get-together.”

— u/Bitter_Theory5467

11. “Oversexualizing”
“I hate when I match online with guys and they immediately start giving me heaps of over-the-top compliments about how sexy I am. It’s a real turnoff. It’s uncomfortable to have a stranger commenting about your looks and sexualizing you before you’ve even met or talked, even if you do find that stranger attractive.”
— u/Titillate_An_Ocelot

12. “Being a ‘one-up’ man”
“I hate when someone almost always dominates the conversation and one-ups everyone else’s experiences and replies. It shows me you’re immature and can’t hold a conversation without the focus being on you.”

— u/geocentric-jujube

13. “Flashing money/possessions”
“Nothing dries me up faster than a dude bragging about his watch or his car.”

— u/Redacted9133

14. “Thinking that any form of kindness, weakness, or compassion is ‘gay’”
— u/Murka-Lurka

“Some men think that kindness and compassion are weaknesses, but it takes so much more strength to be selfless and live in love.”

— u/RockinMadRiot

15. “Leaving every decision to their partner”
“I want your input on decisions, even if they’re just small ones like what movie to watch or what to have for dinner. Shrugging and saying ‘I don’t know. You decide.’ all the time is not going to make me happy. It’s lazy and it makes me feel more like a guy’s mother than his partner.”

— u/Heart2001

16. “Bragging”
“Like, a couple comments on what their achievements are is great, but BRAGGING repeatedly about it and how they’re the best ever is such a turnoff. That extreme narcissism and ego is 🤮.”

— u/LauraBabora325

17. And finally, “Putting other people down to make themselves look better.”
“No, you are not making yourself look better. You’re being a dick.”

— u/maszah