What are app-controlled sex toys? Everything you need to know including brands and how they work

    App-controlled sex toys

    App-controlled sex toys are a great way to get your lover off from a distance

    App-controlled sex toys are a perfect way to have socially-distanced fun with a partner, but what are they and how exactly do they work?

    Well, allow us to shed some light on the matter. Basically, app-controlled sex toys help people have fun and fulfilling sex lives with their partner(s) even if you don’t live in the same city – or country.

    During the coronavirus pandemic these apps and vibrating sex toys peaked in popularity as many couples were separated due to lockdown, while others found companionship through virtual dating.

    There are loads of different vibrators available including prostate and clitoris massagers, butt plugs, love eggs and cock rings that your partner can control by ramping up or slowing down the vibration intensity, speed and rhythm.

    All of this can be done while you’re on a video call together, because today’s technologies aren’t stopping anyone’s sex life.

    This guide should help you find out everything you need to know to get started with app-controlled sex toys, from the different apps available, what toys you can use and where to get them.

    How do app controlled sex toys work?

    Simply touch your screen to vibrate your partners sex toy. (WeVibe)

    Simply touch your screen to vibrate your partners sex toy. 

    As we mentioned above, app-controlled sex toys let partners have fun no matter where they are. They are ideal for any relationships that are long-distance as the toys are controlled by your movements, so it helps spark or maintain intimacy between you and someone else.

    They work by connecting your sex toy to an app while your partner controls it from their phone, which works as a remote control, using different strokes, rhythms, intensities – or even songs. Plus with some apps you can both connect a toy and each feel the other’s movements from anywhere in the world.

    You’ll need a smart phone, one of the apps that are available, Bluetooth, WiFi and (of course) a vibrating sex toy. Scroll down for more info on all of this.