Fine hair is not a problem if you know how to style it. Thin strands can be fine in density or skinny in the width of every hair. Both cases lead to a lack of volume and a limp look. There are efficient ways to enhance the volume of your thin locks though! The following long haircuts for fine hair will give you all the right clues. You will surely find here a couple of inspiring versions that will work for you personally.

Best Hairstyles for Long Fine Hair

It’s usually recommended to get a short cut for fine hair. Well, shorter lengths really make your hair look thicker. However, there are also some efficient solutions to boost volume in long fine strands such as layering, texturizing, dimensional hair colors, wavy styling, and more. Read on to see what long hairstyles for fine hair may work best for you!

1. Long Haircut with Side Bangs


medium layered haircut for fine hair

Choppy layers accentuated with very subtle highlights work fabulous for thinner hair. They create the desirable texture and boost the body of your hairstyle, even if you do not do any particular styling. Anyway, blow-drying with a round brush and lifting your locks at the roots is recommended.

2. Simple Straight Hairstyle with Bangs

Straight hairstyles for thin locks are not a taboo, especially if you’ve got a layered haircut with bangs. Add very subtle highlights to upgrade the style and rock your straight free-flowing tresses proudly.

3. Soft Layers for Ash Blonde Hair

Thin long hair looks fabulous if the haircut and the coloring solution work together. Try this amazing hairstyle for thin hair with soft long layers, underlined with balayage highlighting technique in gorgeous shades of blonde ash. It will create the desirable volume around the crown of your head and add fullness to your tresses. Loose curls will look exceptional on long fine hair.

4. Honey Blonde Long Straight Hair

This is one of the hairstyles for thin hair that plays both on color and texture. Honey blonde with subtle natural-looking highlights works well with a haircut that has a few layers to build a fetching look and give your long hair a desirable dimension. Try applying dry shampoo on the roots for even thicker hair. Backcomb your hair to add volume and life to your long thin hair even weeks after the trim.

5. Long Thin Hair with Face Framing Highlights

If you are looking for volumizing haircuts for thin long hair, but you are not ready to sacrifice the length, try feathered layers on the ends starting from your chin down. Together with light warm-toned highlights around your face, they will create volume and dimension. Enjoy your long hair and look fabulous at the same time!

6. Thin Long Hair with Wispy Bangs

Looking for solutions to make your long thin hair appear more voluminous? Why not give bangs a chance! Wispy bangs like this add substantial volume to the base of the haircut. They also create movement and make your thin long hair full of life. Try pairing them up with blunt-cut ends to create a startling contrast. Long thin hair has never looked so casual and effortless.

7. Thin Long Hair with Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs work exceptionally well with long layers and give you versatile styling options for long hair. Use a texture spray to give your hairstyle grit and volume or simply arrange your hair in an elegant updo pinning your face-framing layers. Voila! Your long thin hair looks as chic as ever.

8. Face-Framing Layers for Thin Hair

Volumizing haircuts for thin long hair can look irresistibly voluptuous. This dazzling haircut for thin hair features bouncy face-framing strands with soft waves. Crisp blonde with shaded roots creates extra volume on thin or fine hair. Flipped ends make your thin hair look as light as a feather. This gorgeous hairstyle is sure to be a scene-stealer everywhere you go.

9. Beach Waves Highlights for Long Thin Hair

Inspired by beach babes, this stunning coiffure offers fullness and body to thin hair. Sun-drenched loose curls look effortless and chic. Lucky for us, they are also low maintenance: a curling iron and a few spritzes of salt spray will do the trick. If you want your beach waves to look even more voluminous, ask your colorist to make your hair roots darker, as if your hair was naturally sun-bleached.

10. Playful Loose Waves for Thin or Fine Hair

Finer hair, if grown long, may lose some of the volume on top. To add volume and balance your facial features, try light layering from the top down. A layered cut like this resolves the problem of thinning hair and creates a dainty feminine look. Now your long hair looks healthy and vigorous.

11. Deep Burgundy Haircut for Thin Hair

Get a bit of edge thanks to this stunning deep color of burgundy! Not only is it enchanting, but it also makes your hair appear thicker. If you prefer to wear your hair past your shoulders, ask your stylist to add long layers. Besides, a fresh trim is a good way to get rid of split ends, which long thin hair often suffers from, and add texture all in one sitting.

12. Subtle Highlights for Long Thin Hair

Add a subtle touch of color to your long hair with these intricate highlights. They deliver the desired volume and create the effect of fuller hair. Haircuts for thin long hair benefit from layering as well. A layered cut will uplift your long thin hair, creating an effortlessly attractive look.

13. Surface Layered Haircuts for Thin Long Hair

If you are a proud owner of a gorgeous main and like to wear your hair long, surface layers might be the right answer for you. Ask your stylist for this type of layering to enjoy your long hair and let your hair grow healthily. Add voluminous curls for a trendy messy touch. While using your curling iron, remember to leave out the ends for a more natural look.

14. Volumizing Haircuts for Thin Long Hair

Haircuts for thin long hair can offer you a variety of choices. You can frame your face with bangs, opt for a fresh color with highlights, or spice up your thin hair with loose waves. Or, you can try them all at once to make your thin or fine hair look its best. Tease your roots for a thick hair effect. It can make all the difference.

15. Highlights and Lowlights

Haircuts for thin long hair will traditionally feature highlights for creating color contrasts. How about adding lowlights as well? They will bring depth to your coif and make your fine hair look astonishing. To further enhance the look, apply hair volumizing gel to the roots before you blow dry your hair. Don’t forget about heat protectants to shield your locks.

16. Haircut for Thin Brunette Hair

If you have dark hair color, this is the look for you. Loose waves are not only fantastic because they lift your long fine hair, but they are also low maintenance and easy to achieve. Feathered or blunt bangs can add fullness and structure to haircuts for thin hair as well.

17. Fabulous Waves for Long Thin Hair

Owners of wavy hair, proudly use your hair texture to your advantage, as thin or fine hair will have an added bonus of volume. One of the problems you might experience though is dry hair. Moisturizing hair care products and sun protection is your best aid.

18. Framing Hairstyle for Thin Hair

One more option for those who like their hair long is a sliced haircut. If your thin long hair begs for volume, cutting subtle layers will help you. Central parting will create pleasant symmetry, define your features, and refine your look. Adding a pop of color to thin or fine hair will deliver desired texture and will make it appear thicker.

19. Straight Blowout

A benefit of straight and long fine hair is that it’s naturally sleek. Plus, it makes for a great base to show off a bold color solution. Whether you want to go platinum blonde or jet black, you can make a statement without relying on dramatic curls. But if you want to add movement, layers are always a good choice.

20. Choppy Haircut for Thin Long Hair

Get a makeover for your thin long hair by cutting choppy bangs for a modern look. Seek haircuts for thin long hair that keep the length but offer additional volume. Update your color with this fabulous blonde balayage which will make long fine hair look more fluffed up.

21. Volumizing Hairstyle for Tousled Thin Hair

Unlike a pixie cut or a mid-length hairstyle, it may be difficult to maintain volume in thin long hair. Adding layers will solve this problem by making your thinning hair lighter and chopping off the split ends. Free-flowing curtain bangs will pull the look together working well with the layers.

22. Long Choppy Cut with Dimensional Highlights

Long thin hair may look plain and limp. Adding in color and shaggy layers is the perfect solution. Go with light, warm-toned highlights that help emphasize a sun-kissed complexion. Let the streaks do the work and keep the rest simple, with soft waves and a middle part for additional volume.

23. Long Choppy Layers with Side Swept Bangs

If you are in search of something that will make your long thin hair look more interesting, experiment with bangs and use a styling cream to create a piecy effect on the ends. The side swept bangs open your face, creating a flowy effect. And remember, when we talk about haircuts for thin hair, there are never too many layers.

24. Platinum Blonde Locks

This version of a blunt cut will be sure to turn heads! Blunt cut ends give an extra striking effect and the amazing shade of platinum blonde creates a sleek look for your long straight hair. Remember, less is always more with long thin hair.

25. Razor Cut with Bangs for Straight Hair

Adding bangs to long fine hair is a fun way to spice things up if you getting bored with your current style but don’t want to sacrifice any length. Jagged bangs are cute; making sure they’re long enough to skim the eyebrows gives them an updated chic vibe.

26. Cute Shag Hairstyle for Long Hair

Long layers, highlights and large bouncy waves on longer hair add at least another 10 volume points to your long hair. Want some more? It’s easy! Backcomb through your locks around the crown. Besides the desired volume, a backcombed effect is going to communicate your hairstyle the trendy messy touch.

27. Dynamic Cut with Swoopy Layers

Often haircuts for thin long hair attempt to transform flat hair into a voluminous hairstyle. With layers that give it more body and personality, you’ll get a gorgeous style. The swooping, angled layers and flipped ends create the look of movement, and blow drying the ends of the hair with a round brush helps keep the bouncy shape lasting all day long.

28. Haircut with Wispy Layers

Dark roots paired with faded-to-platinum ends bring ample dimension to any coif. But ombre, in particular, makes beautiful colors the focus of your mane. Opt for wispy layers to further enhance the voluminous illusion.

29. Sleek Hairstyle with Long Feathered Layers

When you’re creating a layered hairstyle, feathering the ends so that the layers feel sleek and separated is the key to pulling the look together and getting a blended cut without having to add in additional lengths.

30. Two-Tier Wavy Cut

In most cases, the goal of hairstyles for long thin hair is to transform the shape without sacrificing the length. A layered style is just the trick. Ask your hair stylist to start creating layers at about chin length, and use a 1 ½ inch curling wand to curl the ends of layers, so that they result in a flowy, wavy texture.

32. Wispy Hairstyle with Bouncy Midshaft Layers

Layers for fine hair provide additional lift when given time to set in hot rollers. Set midshaft length layers using large rollers and let them cool, then take them out to reveal the voluminous top section of the hairstyle. Use a flat iron to curve in longer layers to finish off the look.

33. Straight Hair with Multiple Layers

The simplest trick to get the best volume is teasing your roots. It will keep your hairdo from falling flat, but don’t go full-on 80s with it. With a fine-tooth comb, focus on amplifying around the top of the head to achieve a little extra oomph. Long layers for thin hair are a chic finishing touch that will balance the va-va-voom mane—and really all voluminous hairstyles — with sleek style and polish.

34. Long Sliced Haircut

To prevent haircuts for long fine hair from seeming flat or stringy, create texture by curling large chunks of hair into waves. Ask your stylist for sliced layers, so the strands can separate and give off a messy, carefree vibe. Spritz with sea salt spray and you’re good to go.

35. Cute Surface Layers for Long Hair

Surface layers add movement while hardly sacrificing any length. This way, hair stays long enough to be put in updos as desired. Consider a sweet delicious color, like this sophisticated cinnamon brown with caramel highlights and you’ll fall in love with your hair once again.

36. One-Length Cut with Long Side Bangs

If you’re keeping the bulk of your hair one length, adding bangs and feathered layers can make a huge difference, as well as help to frame the face. Long side bangs are easy to maintain and can be styled in various different ways — let them stand out at the front or pin them back and it’s as if you have no bangs at all.

37. Waist-Length Wavy Cut with Bangs

The longer the long thin hairstyles, the more weighed down hair might become. If you’re planning to grow your hair as long as waist-length, daily styling can be a pain, so your best option is to embrace your natural texture and cut textured bangs to play around with as you desire.

38. Long Layers and Thin Balayage Highlights

Balayage highlights are painted on the hair to appear subtle and natural. This technique can really jazz up simple straight hair with layers. The idea of a cut with long thin layers is also appealing if your hair is straight and you love to wear it free-flowing.

39. Layered Long Haircut

When they are layered, thin strands gain a fabulous bounce and wispy texture which look particularly gorgeous in free-flowing hairstyles with a dimensional hair color, like this lovely creamy blonde.

40. Textured Waterfall Braid

Haircuts for long thin hair should rely on long wispy layers. For casual styling don’t forget about braids to get an instant dose of style and volume. Waterfall braids are a wonderful choice because their looseness doesn’t apply tension to the scalp — which would make thin tresses even more evident. Team the half-up style with easy waves for added texture and Instagram-ready appeal.

Well, now it’s obvious that every hair type and texture has its benefits. The two most important aspects for fine hair to choose carefully are a quality haircut and a volume-boosting hair color solution. These will let you look effortlessly chic and special.