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Things to Talk About When You’re Drunk on a Date & What to Avoid at All Costs

What if you were having drinks with your date and your inhibitions started slowly fading away? Here’s a guide on what to talk about when you’re drunk.
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In the adult world of dating, being mindful of things to talk about when you’re drunk is crucial. It’s not like your teenage years when you could sleep off the shame and headache. Now, your date will remember, and your friends will remind you of your antics.

Getting wasted is not an option, as maintaining decorum is essential, especially in front of colleagues, friends, and, more importantly, your date.

You can’t entirely avoid being drunk sometimes. There will be times when you’ll want to have more drinks. The key is to control your level of drunkenness and, more importantly, the words that come out of your mouth.

First of all, drink lots of water. Use it as a chaser. Guzzle down water from the bathroom before you fix your make-up. Do whatever it takes to hydrate.

Second, if you’ve already had too much, throw up – in the bathroom! You’ll know when.

Lastly, let your date know that you need to ease up on the drinks for a bit. This is the perfect time to start a new conversation.

What’s the Deal With Getting Drunk and Having a Conversation?
So, what’s the deal with getting drunk and engaging in conversation? It seems like a universal experience – the buzz of alcohol loosens tongues and transforms the usually reserved into chatty philosophers or jesters. But why is this?

When alcohol enters your system, it doesn’t just make you feel dizzy or light-headed, it starts a more complex interaction in your brain.

Alcohol affects the central nervous system and alters the brain’s neurotransmitters. It’s like flipping a switch in your brain, dialing down the parts responsible for critical thinking and self-control, and cranking up the areas that encourage feelings of euphoria and relaxation.

This is why after a few drinks, you might find yourself enthusiastically discussing topics you’d typically avoid or expressing emotions more freely. [Read: How to express your feelings: Must-know ideas to speak your mind]

Lowering of inhibitions plays a significant role in conversation dynamics. Not only you’re more talkative, you’re also more likely to share personal stories or opinions that sober you might guard more closely.

That’s why thinking about the right things to talk about when you’re drunk matters. It’s like walking a tightrope – on one side, there’s the risk of oversharing or saying something inappropriate, and on the other, there’s the opportunity for genuine, unguarded conversations that can bring people closer.

This balancing act between fun and caution is important. While it’s great to enjoy the lowered inhibitions and the deep, hilarious, or even nonsensical talks that can ensue, it’s equally important to stay within the bounds of respect and appropriateness.

Knowing your audience – in this case, your date or friends – is key. You’ll want to avoid topics that could lead to discomfort or arguments. Instead, focus on lighter, more universal themes.

Think of shared interests, funny anecdotes, or even casual observations about life. These topics keep the mood uplifted and ensure that the conversation remains enjoyable for everyone involved.

What to Talk About When You’re Feeling Drunk
For that very reason, we’ve compiled a list of what to talk about when you’re drunk with your date when you’re feeling a little drunk. Hopefully, it’ll make some sense in spite of the lack of sobriety:

1. Daring Things You’ve Done in the Past
Now that you’re slightly – or overly inebriated – funny drunk stories could be the starting point for your next conversation.

This way, your date will learn something new and unexpected about you and vice versa. Just make sure that you are sober enough to keep the really crazy stories in check.

2. Funny Stories From Work
Don’t worry! No one from work is going to hear you – unless you’re at the local watering hole of your colleagues. If not, then go at it! If you’re really worried about what to talk about, this is a fun one.

Tell them about how your boss refuses to say your name right, or that the person next to your cubicle smells like turnips. Work stories are limitless! And it’ll sober you up knowing you’ll be going back to work pretty soon.

3. Politics
Some people hate talking about politics, and it’s totally understandable. But remember, you are drunk! Whatever you say cannot be held against you!

Just remember not to get angry if your date turns out to be a supporter of the opposite political party. Besides, it can actually be stimulating! You’d be surprised to know how deep and passionate your date can be, especially when arguing for or against an idea.

4. An Unpopular Opinion

Discuss it. Have a friendly debate on it. For some reason, alcohol makes people a lot smarter – or at least makes people brave enough to speak up about something or anything.

Get your date to talk about things that other people wouldn’t normally agree with. It’ll give you a new perspective on how other people think. This is especially important when it comes to your date. You might end up in a relationship with them, you know.

5. Secrets
You know what they say about drunk talk being real talk. Getting drunk with a date doesn’t have to mean sex at the end of the date. This means you have the chance to finally get answers to some questions you know you can’t ask when sober.

Go ahead! The chances are they will actually spill the beans and admit something juicy or telling. It may also be the perfect chance to talk about some things that are taboo on regular dates, like sex, what to do during sex, and… um… other stuff about sex? That’s what to talk about.

6. Nameless Friends

Of course, stories about your friends are just as funny! Just make sure not to give any telling details in case they meet in person. Hopefully, it’ll just end up being a conversation about funny quirks, events, and anecdotes.

7. Food
This is probably the best topic you can choose when conversing in an alcohol haze. You can talk about anything without feeling judged because you ate a salad for dinner. You can discuss that six-second video about a pastry that you tried to recreate for $50 when you could have bought it for $6.

The best part is that this conversation will make you so hungry that the date will probably extend a little bit more just to calm both of your munchies. Instead of wondering what to talk about when you’re drunk, you’ll be thinking of what to order next.

8. How You Really Feel About This Person
We’re not talking about lovey-dovey feelings. I’m talking raw, unadulterated, expression of interest, attraction, and insight. This is the perfect time to tell someone how much you like them, but in a straight and non-emotional way.

It’s a great exercise that can bring you closer to each other. Even if your date doesn’t feel that way yet, just saying so will increase the level of intimacy – thanks to alcohol

9. Travel Dreams and Adventures
Discussing your bucket list destinations or recounting past travel escapades is a fantastic topic when you’re feeling the buzz. This conversation can transport you and your companion to different parts of the world, right from your barstool or couch.

It sparks curiosity, leads to exciting exchanges about cultures, food, and experiences, and often reveals much about a person’s interests and worldviews.

It’s a safe zone, unlikely to lead to heated debates or uncomfortable moments. Sharing travel dreams can even pave the way for future adventures together.

10. Favorite Movies and TV Shows
Talking about the latest hit series or a classic movie you love can be a great way to bond when you’re a bit tipsy. It’s a light, enjoyable topic that many people can contribute to. You might find common ground or introduce each other to new viewing material.

Discussing characters and plots can also lead to fun, imaginative conversations. Moreover, talking about movies and TV shows is a great way to gauge someone’s tastes and sense of humor.

11. Hobbies and Passions
When you’re loosened up, sharing your hobbies and passions can lead to a genuinely engaging conversation. Whether it’s painting, hiking, or playing an instrument, discussing what you love doing can reveal a lot about your personality and values. It’s also a great way to discover shared interests or learn something new about an unfamiliar activity.

Plus, being passionate about something is inherently attractive and can make you more interesting to your date or friends. It’s a conversation that can easily flow, filled with enthusiasm and personal anecdotes.

12. ‘What if’ Scenarios
Engaging in hypothetical ‘what if’ scenarios can be an entertaining and thought-provoking way to chat when you’re drunk. Questions like “What if you won the lottery tomorrow?” or “What if you could live in any era?” stimulate the imagination and can lead to humorous or insightful discussions.

These scenarios often reveal deeper values and desires, and they’re a great way to break away from conventional small talk. Plus, they’re versatile and can be adapted to be as whimsical or as serious as the mood dictates.

13. Music Preferences and Concert Experiences
Music is a universal language and discussing your favorite bands or concert experiences can be a great connector. Sharing playlists, discussing various genres, or reminiscing about the best live performances you’ve attended can be deeply engaging.

Music often ties to emotions and memories, so this conversation can get surprisingly personal and meaningful.

It’s also a great way to discover new music and understand the cultural or personal significance behind someone’s musical taste. Also, discussing music is usually a safe bet for keeping things friendly and enjoyable.

14. Latest Tech Gadgets and Innovations
For those who love technology, discussing the latest gadgets or tech innovations can be incredibly engaging. This could range from the newest smartphone features to discussions about electric vehicles or space exploration. It’s a topic that’s constantly evolving, ensuring there’s always something new to talk about.

Discussions like these can get quite animated, especially if you’re both tech enthusiasts, and they offer a glimpse into how each person sees the future.

Not only that but talking about technology is also a great way to learn from each other and share useful tips or interesting facts.

15. Personal Growth and Life Lessons
While this might seem a bit deep for a tipsy chat, discussing personal growth and life lessons can be surprisingly uplifting and bonding.

Sharing stories of challenges you’ve overcome or lessons you’ve learned can inspire and connect you on a more meaningful level. It’s a way to show vulnerability and strength simultaneously.

These conversations often lead to mutual respect and deeper understanding. Just remember to keep the tone light and positive to ensure the conversation doesn’t become too heavy for a tipsy setting.

What NOT to Talk About When You’re Drunk

Yes, you are drunk. Yes, you may say some things that you will regret. Still, reading this list three times over might just convince you to stop and take a second before starting a topic that you wish you hadn’t.

1. The Exes
When you don’t know what to talk about, just stay away from this one. First of all, this date is about the two of you. It is not about your past. Everybody wants to discuss their past, but nobody wants to hear about yours.

So, please try to zip your lips when the thought of bashing your ex comes to mind. There are many reasons why this is a bad idea, such as:

– You’ll bring out the crazy too early and scare off your date.

– You might feel sad thinking about your ex.

– Your date might start to talk about their ex and you’ll end up comparing yourself to them.

– It won’t end well.

2. Your Appearance
Do not even try asking your date if they think you look hot. It reeks too much of basic drunk insecurity – never a good thing. One, it makes you look self-conscious. Two, it will just make your date feel uncomfortable and kill their buzz. 

3. What You Hate About Life
Nobody wants a negative drunk person in the room – the kind who complains about everything and anything.

You can do that in a humorous way, but if you are drunk as a skunk, you’ll just sound like an old man griping about his creaky joints.

4. What you Don’t Like About the Opposite Gender
This is a big no-no because you hardly know this person, and you might mention a trait that they possess. [Read: Annoying boyfriend traits and how to avoid them]

By putting that right on the table, especially in a drunken stupor, you might end up saying something offensive. Just tell your date what you like about their gender. Specifically, everything you noticed about your date as of that moment.

5. What You Don’t Like About Yourself
It’s the same thing with talking about your appearance. I know it feels good to let out your insecurities to a person, but a date is not the right one to hear those things.

You have friends, right? Go tell that to them! If not, just go confess online. Lots of people are willing to listen to you in an online forum.

[Read: 40 first date questions to have at the perfect conversation]

6. Financial Woes
Discussing your financial troubles is a no-go when you’re drunk. It can bring down the mood of the conversation and make others uncomfortable. Money matters are personal and often stressful, and alcohol can lead to either exaggerated despair or impractical solutions.

Keep the conversation light and steer clear of any topic that could turn into a therapy session or a finance class. Remember, a night out is about enjoyment, not about sorting your bank statements.

7. Workplace Drama
While it might be tempting to vent about your boss or that annoying colleague, resist the urge. Drunken conversations about workplace drama can spiral into negativity and even breach confidentiality.

Plus, you never know who’s listening or how your words could be misconstrued and repeated. Keep your professional reputation intact by avoiding work-related rants.

8. Religious Beliefs and Conversions
Deep religious discussions or attempts to convert someone to your belief system can create tension and discomfort. These topics are deeply personal and can be divisive, especially when alcohol is involved and inhibitions are low.

Stick to topics that are inclusive and unlikely to lead to debate or disagreement. A night out is for building bridges, not burning them.

9. Controversial Social Issues
While it’s important to be informed and have opinions, a drunken setting is not the place for heated debates on controversial issues. These discussions often require nuance and sobriety to be productive.

When alcohol is involved, they can quickly become arguments, with a high risk of offending someone. Save these talks for a more sober and private setting.

10. Personal Health Issues
Sharing details about your health problems can be too much information, especially in a light-hearted, social setting.

It’s okay to mention something in passing but delving into the nitty-gritty of your health can make others uncomfortable. Remember, people are out to have a good time, not to play doctor or counselor. Definitely not one of those things to talk about when you’re drunk with a date.

11. Deep Personal Secrets
Revealing deep, personal secrets when you’re drunk can lead to regret. These might be things you’re not ready to share sober, and alcohol shouldn’t be the catalyst for such revelations.

Imagine the embarrassment when you realize the next day that you shared something intensely personal with your date under the influence. Whether it’s a quirky habit, a past mistake, or a private dream, such revelations can change the dynamic of your budding relationship in ways you hadn’t intended. Respect your own privacy and boundaries, and remember that once a secret is out, you can’t take it back.

12. Criticizing Others Around You
Avoid speaking negatively about others in the social setting. This includes gossiping or making unkind observations about people in your immediate vicinity. Not only is it rude, but it also reflects poorly on you and can create an uncomfortable atmosphere.

13. Plans for Extreme Future Events
Talking about unrealistic future plans, like quitting your job to travel the world without a plan, can be seen as irresponsible. These types of conversations can be fun but also lead to false expectations or misunderstandings, especially if others take your drunken musings seriously.

Moreover, such grandiose declarations, when made under the influence, can leave an impression of being impulsive or unreliable. It can suggest a lack of seriousness and commitment, qualities often sought in a partner or friend.

Additionally, while in the moment it might feel liberating to dream big, these conversations can later create a sense of unease or doubt about your judgment and stability in the eyes of your date or peers. It’s important to remember that what feels like harmless dream-talk when tipsy might translate to others as a lack of grounding in reality, which can alter their perception of you in a less favorable light.

14. Intense Philosophical or Existential Rants
While a bit of philosophical thinking can be interesting, deep existential rants can be a downer. When you’re drunk, these can become morose or confusing, and not everyone may be in the mood for such heavy topics.

Imagine how bewildering it could be, both for you and your listener, to navigate through complex existential ideas while under the influence. The alcohol-induced fuzziness can turn what might be a profound discussion sober into a perplexing, even nonsensical, conversation when drunk.

Again, it’s best to keep the conversation light and engaging, saving the deep philosophical dives for times when everyone’s thinking is clear and sharp.

15. Legal Issues
Discussing any legal troubles or intricacies, be it yours or someone else’s, is a bad idea. Not only is this sensitive information that can lead to judgment or gossip, but it’s also a topic that requires sober, careful consideration.

Plus, you never know who’s overhearing your conversation, which could lead to unintended consequences.

A Good Conversation is Like a Good Cocktail
It’s always fun having a drink or two with a date, but sometimes we don’t know what to talk about when we’re drunk. When it comes to dating, you need to have more limits. Not only do you have to be safe, but you also have to maintain tact and civility with someone who is still feeling you out.

Keeping in mind the right things to talk about when you’re drunk can turn a simple outing into an opportunity for genuine connection and enjoyable memories. It’s all about finding the balance – sharing enough to be engaging and entertaining, but not so much that you cross boundaries of comfort or propriety. Remember, a good conversation is like a good cocktail – it’s all about mixing the right ingredients in the right proportions.