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Whoever said that jeans need to cover your backside obviously had never heard of denim boots. They pretty much look like jeans that start at your toes and end at your knees, but who cares? For over $1,000, people actually buy these things.

Getty Images Photo by Marco Traniello

High-end designers such as Versace had been coming out with these crazy denim boots – along with more affordable pairs from places like Forever 21. We challenge you to make your own pair, slip into a pair of your favorite cut-up jeans while wearing heels and voila, you have got denim boots!

Big Block Crocs

Crocs were known, undeniably, as the most hideous breakout trend of the 2000s. Somehow, they have made a comeback, but not in the same way you may think.


In 2018, the high-end fashion designer Balenciaga came out with their own spin on a platform Croc. This basic, yet somehow cool, rubber shoe sold out in record-breaking time for a whopping $850 a pair!

Weird Windows

You know the old saying, “if you’ve got it, flaunt it!”? Well, while they are probably talking about flaunting physical features that people typically find attractive, this next bizarre fashion trend is all about flaunting your good old knees.

Shutterstock Editorial Photo by Larry Marano

This pair of jeans, instead of having typically ripped knees, has clear knees. These are basically leg windows. Bizarre, right? These babies are sold at Nordstrom, which is known as a high-end retailer, so you know these will sell! The product description on the website for these jeans states that the plastic panels reveal your knees and have a futuristic feel. Who knew that knees were the future?


It seems like everybody these days, especially all over Instagram, are obsessed with eyebrows. Every day some new wild eyebrow trend pops up in our social media feeds to remind us that our eyebrows are in fact, subpar.

Reddit.com/bsuri089 & Instagram/@poutsandpolish & Instagram/@beautybyelenax

We are all here for a good groomed (yet perfectly messy) eyebrow, however, these eyebrow designs are just a bit over the top. What do you think about this trend? Would you wear an eyebrow squiggle? We could probably get on board to try the first two, but the other designs are a little bit too out of control.

Obnoxious Knit

Big chunky knit sweaters are all the rage these days, but this one is just a bit over the top! It looks like those big knit throw blankets that are all over Instagram and Pinterest these days, you know, the ones that are knit using your arm instead of a knitting needle, since the yarn is so darn thick.

Getty Images Photo by Edward Berthelot

We are all for those thick blankets, but I think wearing one would be a little too much. Not to mention heavy, this thing probably weighs 40-50 pounds! We have to admit it would be cozy to wear one of these, but maybe not out of the house. It would be a great blanket house sweater, kind of like wearing a mobile sleeping bag. Okay, maybe we are on board after all.

Sparkly Spit

We present to you, glitter tongues! This shiny trend seems to be mostly for the crazy photo ops that come with it. Thank goodness, because we can not imagine spending a day with our mouths filled with glitter.


While doing some research about this tongue trend, it seems to have started in Australia. A makeup artist accidentally got some glitter on her tongue and thought that it looked pretty cool, so she covered the whole tongue in glitter for a photoshoot. The rest is history. Be careful if you try this one – glitter can be toxic!

Zip It Up!

These may look like an ordinary pair of jeans, but don’t be fooled. There is a zipper going right up the backside…


We guess for those with stomach issues these quick unzippable jeans may come in handy in a bathroom emergency. Great?

Terrible Tights

Tights are a staple when wearing dresses or skirts in colder months. But, function aside, they can also really spruce up an outfit if they are unique enough. Enter, melting tights. These creative tights are designed to look like you spilled a whole bucket of paint down your legs!


At about $50-60 per pair, these are a pretty expensive way to accessorize. Throw them on under a skirt or a dress for a cool and colorful look. You are bound to turn heads or at least have people wondering if you are a starving artist or got some paint thrown at you for some reason!

Skirt Around the Issue

CLEAR-ly, there is a see-through trend here. Next on the clear clothing trend list, is this plastic scrap, also known as, a plastic skirt.

Getty Images Photo by Neilson Barnard

We are not sure what this one is made of, but it looks like regular old plastic. This clear skirt will draw attention to you for sure. If you decide to get yourself one of these, make sure that you are wearing something under it that is presentable, because it will leave absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Not Nude!

We are totally on board with the leggings as pants movement, but when we spotted this pair we admit we did a double take. This pair of leggings is not a basic color, they are nude.


It has been an ever-growing popular trend to wear athleisure in everyday life. This is where these nude leggings start to pose a problem. It is hard to tell if she is wearing pants, from a distance it looks like she is completely naked walking down the street. The woman in this photo said that she thought the color of the pants was cute, but then she realized that it made her look naked. #Fail.

Bizarre Boots

Love him or hate him, Kanye West is constantly all over the news. These bizarre boots were released as part of Kanye’s famous Yeezy collection. At $700 a pair, we are genuinely baffled how these sold out.

Getty Images Photo by Alo Ceballos/GC Images

These clear boots made of PVC made their way all over social media, popping up in the feeds of all our favorite Instagram influencers. Everyone wanted to be the first to show off these ridiculous boots. In addition, to see through vinyl boot, the heel is also completely see-through and made from Plexiglas. Just imagine the sweat!

Nasty Nails

There’s a whole world of nail art. Crazy colors, stick-ons, jewelry, beads, you name it. And some, as flamboyant as they are, can look amazing. These furry nails, however, is where we draw the line. Not only does it look like you have a terrible hormone problem coming out of your fingertips, but can you imagine scratching an itch?

Getty Images Photo by Jennifer Graylock

There is nothing more satisfying than scratching an itch with a strong pair of nails. If you’re going to be scratching your nose every time you get a tickle, furry and furry fingernails sound like a straight-up nightmare. While fashion isn’t always functional, this just looks torturous.

The Meat Knee Patches

Probably the strangest fashion trend on our list, these are, again, jeans that have been given an edge. Only this time, it involved adding meat knee patches, because why would you want to eat meat when you can just wear it?


We’re not sure where or who this trend came from, but we’re definitely not big fans. Food and fashion? Never a good mix.

Please Explain This

Apparently, jeans are the ultimate fashion craze, and regular jeans just won’t cut it anymore. Take these one-legged jeans, for example. A fashion trend that started in 2019, you can already spot quite a few women wearing these in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Apparently, two-legged jeans were becoming way too conservative.

Getty Images Photo by David Crotty

Personally, we prefer the old fashion, two-legged denim jeans. But hey, to each their own.

A Fluffy Eye

Are those feathers, fur, or lashes? That is not the question you want people to be thinking when looking at your lash extensions. These “lashes” risk obstructing your eyesight and attracting some unwelcomed insects to hide in the fluff.


We don’t mean to “lash” out but this trend is just ridiculous.

Stranger Strings

Built-in g-strings are just one of many strangest trends inspired by the 90s and early 2000s.

Getty Images Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

While showing off your g-string through your low-rise jeans was all the rage, this trend has leveled up. Now you can get your very visible g-string BUILT-INTO your pants.