Love relationships have their exciting moments like the first kiss and the first caress, but over time certain activities seem less “cute” to women and more irritating. The same natural tension that is titillating in the beginning can wear thin on both parties. Since men and women communicate and process information in different ways, this is often a source of contention. For women who have a strong desire to talk and exchange “feelings” this difference may be frustrating. There is no hard list of all the things girls hate about guys but there are some general dislikes you should be aware of.

Saying I Love You

Girls like hearing genuine affirming words like “You are beautiful” but more importantly they need to hear, “I love you.” On the other side of the coin, saying “I love you” before, after or even during sex does not count.

Refusing to Talk

Women not only like to talk, they need to. Refusing to talk because you are mad or you are ignoring her is inconsiderate and her needs are not being met. Girls hate it when you do not answer your phone, return a text or walk away during a disagreement.

Does Not Call

When a guy does not call as promised, girls take it personally, especially if the two have been intimate. Regardless of how casual the relationship, call when you promise, or do not promise.

Being Ignored

If friends come over, do not ignore your wife or girlfriend. This move is disrespectful and shows how much you do not care. Your friends will take their manners from you.


No one likes dating a clingy, insecure guy. Girls hate it when guys call constantly, ask dozens of nosy questions and give ultimatums. Jealousy is also a huge turn off. Ladies prefer men who display quiet confidence but avoid sounding arrogant. She does not want to hear a list of all your accomplishments.

Bad Language

Many girls do not like listening to salty language. Show some respect for your girl and display some manners by using proper language. Many women do not find cussing sexy and prefer not to be around uncouth people. Skip the cuss words when hanging out with your girl.

Poor Hygiene

Drowning yourself in cologne to mask bad body odor never works. Girls dislike being around guys who do not take care of themselves. Shower daily and wash your hair. Also, brush your teeth frequently. Take pride in your appearance by dressing in trendy clothing and get a nice haircut. If the two of you cross the path of one of her family members or a friend, then she may feel embarrassed. Being intimate with someone who smells is never pleasant either.


Women hate being lied to and many women see lying as a valid reason to cease a relationship. Telling lies about where you have been or whom you were with will never pay off in the end. Lying about your job, your family or your past is also a big no-no.

Most things girls hate about guys can be reversed. Turn her head by being a good listener and by acting like a gentleman.