The makeup world is an exciting place full of creativity and self-expression. As we enter 2024, daring new makeup trends are emerging that you’ll want to experiment with to enhance your natural beauty. From graphic liner to monochromatic moments, keep reading to discover the hottest makeup trends to try this year!

Best 2024 Makeup Trends

In 2024, makeup trends are expected to emphasize simplicity and bold, singular elements. Here are some key trends:

  • Monochromatic Makeup: This trend involves using a single color palette for the entire face. It creates a cohesive look with subtle shifts in tones between the lips and the face.
  • Colorful Eyelashes: Brightly colored eyelashes are gaining popularity. Models are showcasing blue, pink, and purple falsies.
  • Minimalist Base with Bold Elements: A barely-there base makeup is predicted to be in vogue. It’s topped with a strong feature, such as a bright red winged eyeliner or a cherry cola lip.
  • Cloud Skin: A matte makeup look that creates a soft focus and blurred effect on the skin.
  • Frosty Face: This is an extension of the frosty eyeshadow look. It goes to the cheekbones, nose, and collarbones. It is often associated with the mermaidcore trend.
  • Something Blue: Blue makeup is expected to continue trending, as indicated by Pinterest.
  • Natural Skin: There is a trend towards natural beauty. People are using less full-coverage foundation and more skin tints and serums.
  • Cream Products: Cream-based makeup products are expected to be popular. They are easy to use and give a natural finish.
  • Blush: A significant focus on blush is expected, with an emphasis on natural beauty.

These trends reflect a move towards easier-to-use products. They also show a preference for looks that don’t require multiple complex steps. They still allow for bold and striking elements.

Bold, Vibrant Eye Makeup

Model with neon pink and blue eye makeup and feathers, exuding a bold beauty look.

Eyes are the windows to the soul, so it’s no wonder eye makeup makes such a statement. This year is all about using rich, vivid shades on your eyes for maximum impact.

  • Colorful Eyeliner Looks: Try out bright eyeliner in shades like cobalt blue, emerald green, or fuchsia pink. For a fun twist, make your winged eyeliner a rainbow with different colored tips.
  • Graphic Liner Shapes: Get creative with your liner and draw different shapes like hearts, stars, or geometric patterns. Black liner looks bold against bright eyeshadow.
  • Colored Mascara: Use mascara to accentuate your eye look with bright cobalt, deep purple or fiery copper shades. Focus color just on the tips of lashes so it pops.
  • Vibrant Eyeshadow: Pack on eye shadow in vivid oranges, shimmery teals, neon pinks and play with blending to create a mesmerizing look. Match your liner color for extra pop.

Monochromatic Makeup Moments

Monochromatic makeup, featuring the same shade on eyes, cheeks and lips, is elegant and chic. It creates a polished, put-together look when you need to appear extra flawless.

  • Choose a flattering hue for your skin tone. Berries and wines suit fair skin while warm copper and orange work well on dark complexions.
  • On cheeks, use a cream blush in your chosen shade. For lips, opt for a satin or cream lipstick finish over matte for softness.
  • Add definition with a deeper version of the shade in a liquid eyeliner and lightly on eye creases.
Flattering Monochromatic Color Combinations:
Fair Skin: Mauve, peach, soft pink
Medium Skin: Brick red, terra-cotta, plum  
Dark Skin: Berry, chocolate, deep wine

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Barely-There, Minimalist Makeup

Close-up of a young woman with natural makeup, freckles, and green eyes.

The no-makeup makeup look is perfect when you want to let your natural radiance shine through. Sheer, subtle products give you a polished glow without looking overdone.

  • Use a tinted moisturizer or light foundation to even out skin tone without heaviness.
  • Cream blush in a soft peach or pink shade looks like a natural flush. Sweep highlighter on cheekbones to catch the light.
  • Fill in brows with a powder to frame your eyes. Use mascara only on top and bottom lashes to define eyes.
  • Finish with a moisturizing lip balm or subtle nude lipstick. Avoid shimmer or frosted shades to keep lips looking natural.

Ultra-Glossy Lip Looks

Prepare for wet, glass-like lips that shine brighter than your future thanks to new long-lasting gloss formulas. They deliver high-wattage shine without stickiness.

  • Exfoliate lips first to create a smooth canvas for glosses to shine on.
  • Line and fill in lips with a liner in a shade lighter than your gloss to prevent bleeding.
  • Opt for a high-shine gloss with conditioning ingredients to prevent drying as the formula wears.
  • Pair glossy lips with more subtle eyes and complexion makeup so lips steal the focus.

Graphic Liner Artistry

Profile of a woman with freckles and artistic multicolored eye makeup on blue background.

If you love a daring eye look, take your winged eyeliner to artistic new heights with graphic shapes and lines. The impact is mesmerizing when done right.

  • Use a waterproof liquid liner and keep makeup remover handy just in case. Tape can also help you create clean lines and angles.
  • Start with just the top lash line and create your basic wing. Then go wild with shapes above and below.
  • Try geometric points, bold zigzags, artsy dots along your liner, or sweeping abstract shapes.
  • For special occasions, embellish the liner with tiny rhinestones or glitter. This will create a truly head-turning style.

Play with Dimension-Defining Contour

Glowing close-up of a woman with natural makeup, freckles, and long eyelashes.

Strategic contouring slims, sculpts, and defines your facial structure. It uses strategic shading and highlighting. Master contouring techniques for next-level dimensional makeup.

  • Cream or powder bronzers in matte shades mimic natural shadows for carving cheekbones and slimming nose.
  • Highlighter creates definition along tops of cheekbones, on nose bridge, under brows and inner eyes.
  • Blend, blend, blend using buffing brushes so everything looks natural, not harsh.
  • Contour jawline, temples, under lip and sides of nose to slim targeted areas. Lightly enhance the upper eyelids as well.

Match Your Makeup to Your Activity

Makeup trends give you options to show off your creative side and enhance your natural beauty. Follow makeup artists online and watch tutorials to get inspired. Invest in quality products from clean beauty brands that nourish your skin.

Shop end-of-season sales for deals on must-have items. Store makeup properly and replace mascara every 3 months to maintain quality and avoid infections. Most importantly, practice makes perfect – experiment with new trends to find your favorites!

Customize looks to match your personal style and activities. Achieve a flawless base and sculpt features with contouring. Setting sprays and powders lock in makeup. And caring for your skin ensures makeup glides on smoothly.

With the amazing makeup trends for 2024, you can showcase your unique beauty all year long.