PinkCherry Luxury Bed Restraints

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Sneaky, stealthy, out-in-public erotic adventures can be super sexy, sure. Sometimes, though, there’s just nothing like rolling around in your very own sheets – especially if there are some straps under there! Need a hand turning your comfy haven of sleep and sex into a kink-ready playground? Help is here with PinkCherry’s Luxury Bed Restraints set.

Instantly (almost!) converting just about any bed or mattress into a play space, our perfectly portable kit includes all the straps and cuffs you’ll need. A long vertical strap with two connector rings runs top to bottom, while four cross straps clip to those rings, positioning two horizontal straps up top, and two at the bottom (approximately) of the bed. 

Once that’s done, pull out the ends and connect them to four luxurious, soft-lined velcro cuffs. The cuffs feature swiveling hardware for juuuuust enough movement – plus, if bed bondage isn’t in the cards, you can make use of the cuffs in any way that comes to mind. Consensually, of course.

Perfect for travel and those unexpected (or expected!) overnights, the PinkCherry Luxury Bed Restraints set folds up easily for a quick getaway.

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3 reviews for PinkCherry Luxury Bed Restraints

  1. maggie (verified owner)

    Good quality
    The cuffs are super comfortable, and the design of the straps is adaptable to different bed types. It’s not super elaborate, but it’s good quality and does what we’d expect it to do. The cuffs close with velcro, that might annoy some (could damage lingerie and makes velcro noise), but that’s what makes it adjustable and comfortable.

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  2. barb (verified owner)

    Amazingly Comfortable
    My girlfriend and I have so much fun with these things! They are surprisingly sturdy and hold up quite well during our fun time. They’re also extremely comfortable despite being so secure. I highly recommend this one if you and your partner are into bondage.

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  3. rose (verified owner)

    Good product, fits any bed.
    I bought these for me and my partner but was worried if they were going to fit the king bed in the hotel room as we intended to use them. The fit and they added a fun and safe way to explore each other sexually. Can’t wait to use them again!

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