Fetish Fantasy Cumfy Hogtie

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Ingeniously designed to perfectly support and stabilize one of the most classically dominant positions in existence, the Cumfy Hogtie set from Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy collection is an amazingly versatile tool ideal for sexually adventurous playmates. In super-sexy faux leather and sturdy metal, the four luxuriously faux-fur lined, size-adjustable buckled cuffs, each circling a wrist and ankle, join with a matching center-point featuring four corresponding rings with swiveling connecter clasps.

Positioning the consensual playmate in a very accommodating way, the Hogtie restrains both ankles and wrists above the body in an up-facing position, or behind the body in a downward or kneeling version- the dominant partner will be able to hold onto the midpoint if desired, allowing for perfect control. This set is amazingly versatile outside of the hogtie position, each cuff can be employed individually or joined to another, plus, thanks to the sturdy metal clips gracing each, can be combined with any number of bondage gear pieces you may already own. Spot clean.

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3 reviews for Fetish Fantasy Cumfy Hogtie

  1. tammy (verified owner)

    My hubby and i have been using our hogtie for about a month now and the straps, rings and little latches are all still like new, no bending, breaking or cracking…. The length of the straps is perfect! The hogtie doesn’t bend you too much so that when you O you do not get leg spazims like with others….The cuffs are very comfy and do not cause any discomfort while hogtied especially along the edges of the cuffs…just lots of pleasure! I reccomend spending the extra few bucks with this set because the quality is definitely there

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  2. Hannah (verified owner)

    I absolutely 110% recommend this. The quality is fantastic and for the price range you cant go wrong. I used them to secure with rope under my bed for a “no movement ” kind of punishment. LOVE it. They’re strong, durable, and you wont be getting out of them.

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  3. Sandy (verified owner)

    Great for beginners
    If you’re just starting out with bondage, I highly recommend this. I surprised my husband with this, and we both love it. The faux leather is good quality, and the faux fur is great too. We took the cuffs off and added chains and made handcuffs and ankle cuffs to get more uses out of it. We swap between cuffs and hogtie. Lots of fun. The cuffs are big enough to fit my husband too, which is a big bonus..

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