Black Furry Hand Cuffs

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A beautiful set of classic cuffs suitable for all levels of rapturous bondage experience, the fur-lined cuffs, despite their soft, delicately fuzzy surface, are certainly sturdy and wonderfully escape-proof, setting the scene for literally hundreds of possible trussed-up fantasies.

Completely adjustable, the core metal clicks easily into place as the cuffs are positioned around the wrists (or ankles), a key lock them into place (two included), though there’s a safety catch on the side, just in case. The soft faux fur cushions the skin comfortably while a short chain connector keeps hands or legs under complete control- the chain also works as a support for any bondage gear you may already own, as most tethers, ropes, bed restrains and otherwise will be able to be attached or knotted through.

*In plastic eco-pack. Box not included.

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3 reviews for Black Furry Hand Cuffs

  1. Molly (verified owner)

    Soft and Sturdy
    Looks exactly as promised, comes with keys and can take off the fur if needed/wanted

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  2. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Just the right extra spice!
    Just the right extra spice that was , hot 🥵. Easy to use , comfortable on wrists !

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  3. mark (verified owner)

    Super price! Super quality!

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