A Month Of Sex

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Let This Calendar Schedule Your Fantasies For Both Of You!

Are you truly tired of the “same-old, same-old” in bed? Now there’s no more excuses, you can do something about it!

Bring A Month Of Sex into your bedroom, set it on your nightstand (or in the drawer) and for the next 30 days, open each door inside –– and do exactly as it says!

It works like those Christmas Advent calendars from back in the day, except instead of counting down to gifts under the tree –– you both count down to ecstasy!

Take turns opening the doors inside, each revealing instructions on how to perform a specific set of fantasies. You can assign each other specific weeks, days –– even months.

Here’s some lurid examples to tantalize your imagination:

“Invite your lover to join you in the shower and then gently caress and wash their body. Using a waterproof toy, stimulate your lover while making love.”

“Massage each other with baby or massage oil and then challenge your lover to a naked pillow fight or wrestling match. The loser must grant the winner three sexual wishes.”

“Dress up in your favorite role-play costume. Describe what fantasy you can imagine and act them out one at a time. Say and do things to each other that excite and arouse, keeping within the role.”

The A Month Of Sex calendar makes a great gift!

• A Month Of Sex
• 30 days of sensual, erotic, and explicit activities for a couple to share
• Durable hard back fold-out
• 8.5″ x 9″


Key Features

  • Our most popular game
  • Land on fun & naughty challenges like stripteases & food play
  • Gets hotter & hotter as you circle the board
  • Great for spicing up foreplay


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