7X P-Thump Tapping Prostate Stimulator

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Enjoy 3 speeds of tapping alongside 7 modes of vibration –– all designed for peak prostate pleasure. The cutting edge tapping technology found on the tip of this prostate vibe is sure to please beginners & veterans of prostate play alike – find the perfect combination of tapping & vibration for an extraordinary experience achievable only with prostate play!

Powerful vibration motors are located in both the shaft and the perineum section for tandem pleasure inside…and out. Commonly referred to as the “taint,” the perineum is a conduit for the many pleasure sensors that make up the pelvic floor. This is the area you want to stimulate for unsurpassed pleasure!

The 7X P-Thump Tapping Prostate Stimulator is designed to be firm, yet flexible to provide a satisfying density & feel perfect for booty play. It’s made with premium, phthalate free, body safe silicone so you can insert & play worry free.

Utilize the wireless remote control for hands free solo play –– or exciting & unpredictable partner play! The 7X is waterproof for hot & steamy fun in the shower, bath or the hot tub. Clean-up’s a breeze in the shower, where many anal toy fans like to play. (Just remember to leave the remote control safely on dry land – it isn’t waterproof!)

No batteries? No problem – The P-Thump is USB rechargeable, with a charging cable and simple instructions. Think you’ve seen and done it regarding P-Spot fun? Well, just wait until the 7X P-Thump Tapping Prostate Stimulator arrives at your place…!


Key Features
Tapping prostate stimulator with vibrations
3 speeds of tapping + 7 modes of vibration
2 motors: one hammers the prostate, the other vibrates perineum (or "taint")
Use the wireless remote for hands-free solo or partner play
Crafted from premium phthalate free, body-safe silicone & ABS plastic
USB rechargeable, cable & instructions included
Prostate Stimulator is waterproof, remote is not
Always use with water based lubes to protect sensitive areas


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