100% Natural Bees Wax/ Coconut Wax  Candles & Melts


Are you a Bougie Bitch? And what is your recommended scent? 


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Our Wax is 100% Natural blend of Pure Bees Wax and Coconut Wax NO Paraffin or chemicals! Our wicks are 100% Natural Cotton. We Use only  Premium Fragrance’s!  A Super Healthy Candle, our stylish  Tumbler Jars feature a warm gold interior ideal for a luxury candle line. The electroplated gold lining the inside of the tumbler reflects a warm, soft glow while the candle is lit. Our Vessels and Labels and boxes make a luxurious  Upscale Bitch statement perfect for any Upscale Decor! ALL MY CANDLES ARE HAND POURED FUR SHUR! Yes I do get my hands dirty for you, Psych, I wear gloves! (Manicures are time consuming…Just sayin



My Candle & Wax Melt Fragrance’s are Bitchin’! I source the best of the best Premium fragrances and essential oils which, like grapes of a fine wine give superior long lasting performance and a room filling Luxurious Fragrance! Absolutley no harmful chemicals! All of our fragrance oils comply with the strictest global RIFM and IFRA standards. In addition, Upscale Bitch fragrance oils undergo a triple-check quality assurance program! At the moment we do not sell standalone Fragrances. You can check out the descritions HERE!


Our Wax Melts are unlike anything on the market! Molded in a Hershey Kiss form they are indiviually wrapped in gold foil to preserve freshness and display beautifully with the elegant packaging! Also using our 100% Natural Pure Bees Wax and Coconut Blend! Each box comes with two easy switch, easy Clean, no mess  Gold wax liners! approximately 25 Kiss’s per Box!


Our Upscale Wax Warmers are perfect for any Upscale Decor! We offer two Styles of Luxury Wax Warmers. Electric and hand crafted Black Ceramic! Check out or Electric and Tea light styles!


OMG! This kit is the ultimate Upscale Bitch candle lovers kit! Beautifully packaged! Contains everything any Upscale Bitch would need to display and take care of her luxurious Upscale Bitch candles! Contains 1 candle of your choice, a Electronic USB Rechargeable Candle Lighter, Wick Snuffer, Wick trimmer, Wax Scraper and Complete candle care guide! Plus for a limited time only a free Wax Melt sampler Pack!

LUXURY hand crafted ceramic warmer

Our Upscale Bitch Luxurious hand crafted ceramic burner is simple and stylish. It is the perfect dose of luxury and sophistication for any room in your Mansion. A sculptural tribute to wax with its simple beauty and style


Hi! I’m Kaylee, my Val girls call me Kale, I’m co-owner and co-creator of Upscale Bitch Luxury Scents, ( with Daddy’s help…of course!)  I love shopping anywhere and everywhere, and I LOVE CANDLES! Gag me with a spoon because my total turn off is grody smelly unhealthy expensive candles! I have like bought every expensive candle and as if, none met my Upscale Bitch standards! So I asked Daddy to buy me a company so I could make my own handmade brand of Upscale Candles! Daddy said yes…(as always) and thus began my journey to find the best of the best luxurious products for my Upscale All Natural Super Healthy Beautiful Candles! Check out all my stuff! Money back if my products aren’t Bitchin’! For more info on my Bitchin’ Company click the button below!  Love & kisses  Kale