We asked members of the Community to tell us about a time they walked out of a terrible date. Based on the responses, it seems like we’ve all been on some pretty cursed dates that warranted an escape plan 🥲. Here are the stories that legitimately dropped my jaw:

30 People Who Left In The Middle Of Bad Dates

Warning: Some submissions contain mentions of sexual harassment.
1. “I went on a first date with a guy to the movies, which was already a dumb first date activity in my opinion. We saw Trainwreck, which made it even worse. I felt so awkward the entire time. It’s not a movie I’d recommend watching on a first date. About 30 minutes into the movie, my date put his hand on my thigh, which honestly made me uncomfortable. Then, 10 minutes later, he started pinching the shit out of my thigh. Immediately, I told him to stop and asked why he thought that was acceptable. He continued to pinch my thigh and laugh while we were sitting in the theater. After probably 10 minutes of him doing this, I said I had to use the restroom, went to my car, and drove home. I blocked his number immediately.”

2. “I was on a date at a brewery with a guy who seemed nice. Then, in the middle of a conversation, he whipped out a vape pen. OK, whatever. Then, the server came over and politely told him he couldn’t vape inside the brewery, to which he yelled back, ‘Well, that’s some bullshit!’ I immediately excused myself to the restroom, and from there I walked straight out the front door. I know he saw me, and I hope he felt stupid.”

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3. “The date was set up by a friend we had in common, and the whole thing was so bad. As soon as she saw me in my car, she said, ‘We’re not driving in that POS.’ So we drove her BMW. I’m not rich, so I drive what I can afford. When we got to the restaurant, she talked on her phone and texted through our entire dinner. It was a very expensive restaurant, but I had been willing to spend a good deal of money on her. Well, I asked her to talk to me instead of talking to or texting her friends. She blurted out, ‘They’re more important than this date!’ I decided to keep my mouth shut and eat my dinner.”
“After dinner was done, I excused myself to go the bathroom. The bathroom was by the doors, so walked out and called a cab to take me to her house to pick up my car and go home. I believe she was actually surprised I left and let her pick up the tab. After a couple of days, our mutual friend asked me why I left. I told her about the date, and she said that was how she treats everyone. I asked her not to set me up with any of her friends anymore.”


4. “I met a man at a coffee shop, and he asked me out to a local restaurant the next day. We decided to meet there. When he arrived, he asked me to sit in his car, then proceeded to tell me that he wasn’t looking for a girlfriend and didn’t want me to get my hopes up, but he still wanted to have lunch. I laughed out loud, exited his car, and got back into my own. Shortest date ever. It was over in less than five minutes.”


5. “I met a guy on Plenty of Fish years ago, and we made plans to meet up for dinner one day. I got to the restaurant, and he was standing outside. Of course, he looked nothing like his picture. I asked if he was ready to go in, and he told me he had just finished eating. I was like, ‘WTF, dude?’ I told him I was still hungry, so I asked if we could get something to eat. Apparently, someone had dropped him off, so we got in my car and headed down the road to a bar that I knew. I ordered some wings, and he got a Coke. All he did was talk about himself, how smart he was, how much he hated his job at a grocery store, and how he was smarter than everyone there. I was getting annoyed, so I started eating my wings and being as messy as I possibly could to see if he would say anything. He just kept talking.”
“I grabbed my purse and excused myself to wash my hands. I washed my hands and then grabbed the waitress to pay for my meal and tell her the story. She laughed and kept an eye on him as I snuck out the door. I know he had no money, so I’m not sure how he ended up paying for his drink. Two weeks later, I saw him at the gas station as I pulled in. I drove right back out of the lot.”


6. “I left a date mid-meal after he offered some choice criticisms on my appearance. We had previously been on a few dates after initially meeting at my work. I was lonely, and the other dates seemed to have gone well enough that I thought I’d keep dating him and see what happened. That was, until I was halfway through my delicious plate of manicotti. There had been a lull in conversation, and I imagine he was desperate to fill the silence when he said that I’d be ‘so much hotter’ if I gained a few pounds, got modest breast implants, and became a brunette. For the record, I’m a tiny blonde lady with A-cups. I felt my face get red, gently laid my fork on the edge of my plate, stood up, and jammed. Who says things like that?”

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7. “I ended up on a blind date with someone from Craigslist. He sounded and acted like an executive, so I was intrigued. On my way to the restaurant (in my neighborhood), I saw what he really looked like! He looked nothing like his photo, and he’d shown up in sweats. Unfortunately, he recognized me from my photo. We went to dinner, and his table manners were DREADFUL. I then pretended to get a text from my friend saying she needed me to come over ASAP. Of course, I had to pay for dinner. A little bit later, he tried calling and texting me over and over. Then, he drove around my neighborhood looking for me! I had to duck behinds cars, bushes, you name it. After an hour or so, he FINALLY got the hint. No more Craigslist blind dates after that!”

8. “I met this guy online and we hit it off, so we decided to meet up. He asked me to come to his apartment and go from there to a little local spot he wanted to show me. I get there, and we have to take my truck because he doesn’t have a car, which was why he invited me to his place to ‘meet up.’ He really just needed a ride because this restaurant was a good half-hour drive from his place. We get to the spot, go in, and he immediately ditches me. He went to see his friends at a table where there was clearly no room for me. His friends saw me walk in with him, and individually came to talk to me, but he never returned.”
“A few people I knew were there, too, and I went and exchanged pleasantries with them. I tried to get his attention and even went to where he had decided to sit a few times, and he avoided eye contact and acted like he didn’t know who I was. I realized I was really just a ride to get him to his friends. So I left. I figured he had enough friends to give him a ride home.”


9. “I reached out to a person on Tinder, and we hit it off pretty well while chatting, so I asked her on a date. The first red flag was that she looked NOTHING like her picture. I tried to ignore it and told myself to get through the date, then I could be done. The second red flag was when she went off on the waiter about five minutes into the dinner because she didn’t have a set of utensils on her side of the table. For the third red flag, while trying to strike up conversation, she went on a rant about how she was dealing with legal issues and had been stressed out. When I dug further, she admitted to being accused of physical abuse by her former partner and biological child. This was only about 30 minutes in.”
“After the chain of events, I honestly didn’t see the point anymore. I told her I needed to use the restroom and jetted out the emergency exit, which conveniently led me straight to my car in the back parking lot. During that time, I had only ordered a sparkling water and was still deciding on food. She ordered half the appetizer menu within the first five minutes. So I didn’t feel bad about leaving her with the check.”


10. “We were set up on a blind date. He was an hour late, but he drove a gorgeous sports car, so I figured I’d give it a shot. He took me to Chili’s for dinner, which was fine. Then, we went to a local dog racing track. I thought that was an odd choice, but I went along with it. That’s when things went south. He started drinking and placing bet after bet, and then devolved into making racist and crude comments. I was on my way to the bathroom, and one of the ladies at the betting window called me over to tell me that she and the girls were worried about me and that they were shocked that someone as pretty and sophisticated as me was with him. Apparently, he was a ‘regular.’ They called me a cab and paid for it, and I got the hell out of there. This was in 1998, before cell phones. He kept calling me repeatedly for weeks until he finally got the hint. I shudder to think of it! Gross!”


11. “I begrudgingly agreed to go on a date with a friend’s cousin who was visiting. I really only did it for her so she wouldn’t feel bad for leaving this guy home alone while she had plans with her fiancé. We all decided to do karaoke and go bowling. Halfway through the evening, I got a text from him saying he needed help with his locker at the bowling alley, claiming it was stuck. I set off to find him, and boy, did I. He was standing at the very back of the locker area with his pants down and his willy flopping around like he thought it was something to be proud of. And he said to me, ‘So, wanna use my key to open your locker?’ I just spun around and left him standing there. I texted my friend from my car and told her what happened. The funny part was that this guy was totally unaware that the bowling alley had cameras EVERYWHERE. He was arrested for indecent exposure.”

12. “I’d been messaging with this guy from out of state for a couple years after we’d matched on Tinder. We’d message on and off depending on our individual situations, but he’d always been a little reticent to send pictures of his face and he always tried to make the conversation all about sex, which I didn’t like. Then, this year, he came to my city for a job offer and asked to finally meet up. Recovering from a serial ghoster, I said yes. I met him at a mall and immediately upon seeing him, I didn’t feel that ‘spark.’ My stomach kind of dropped a little. Then, he started talking, and any hope of attraction was shut off. We were walking around the mall, heading towards an arcade, when I just stopped. I turned to him and said, ‘I’m sorry, but I am not attracted to you at all. I think we should stop.'”
“He asked if I still wanted to hang out a little since I was there already, but I told him I’d rather be back home with my cat, so I left. He later deleted me off everything.”



13. “On St. Patrick’s Day in 2018, I met a guy on Tinder. He invited me over to day-drink while his garage door was being repaired. I said no because I had errands to run, but agreed to meet him at the bar later. I met up with him and realized he was hammered. For the hour I was there, he spent the entire time talking about himself, his failed business dreams, his political views, etc. The last straw was when he started ranting about bank regulations and how they were unnecessary. I work in financial crime. I wouldn’t have a job without the protections put in place post-Bernie Madoff. When he went to the bathroom, I looked at the bartender and said, ‘I’ve never done this before, but I want to leave. He hasn’t let me get a single word in.’ She nodded and said, ‘You should. He’s in here ranting about this stuff every week.’ So I bailed.”
“I ran to my car, texted him that he’ll never have a successful date if he doesn’t let the other person get a word in, then blocked him. I didn’t feel bad about leaving then, and I still don’t. I left him to cover two Bud Lights and half a plate of cold nachos. It was the least he could do!”


14. “One time, I went on a blind date, and he ended up being very attractive. After all the small talk, he complimented my feet. Just my feet. Then, he asked to touch them. I said no. He kept whining and asking to get a peek. I excused myself to the ladies room and hauled ass away.”


15. “I was a sophomore in college at the time, and he was either a senior or had recently graduated. I was intrigued by him because he held a position in our student government and had always been so personable and intelligent. He asked me on a ‘date,’ and that meant us hanging out at his place. I told him I was not interested in anything besides just hanging out numerous times, and he assured me he was cool with that. He picked me up, and when we got to his place, I think that was the moment I realized he was much older than me. We watched various TV shows until he started coming on really strong trying to kiss and grope me. I ran out of his house into the night to avoid anything worse, then I realized I had no clue where I was.”
“I was forced to beg him to take me back home. Long story short, he drove me back to my room, all while berating me and threatening to drop me off on the side of the road because I wouldn’t sleep with him. I was happy to make it home that night.”


16. “I was meeting a guy for dinner in a nearby town. The plan was that I’d Uber there, and he would pay for my Uber home. I got there and met him outside. He immediately handed me his wallet, cigarettes, and medicine, and told me to put them in my purse. It was a bit weird, but I went along with it. We went inside and were seated. He talked nonstop about health issues and tried to kiss me in the first 15 minutes. We ordered and he went to the bathroom. When he came out, he saw me talking with the guy at the next table, and he went off. How dare I humiliate him by talking to others? At that point, I put his stuff on the table and asked him to call me a ride. He started screaming that I was a whore and women like me were all the same. I just left and got my own ride. Blocked him.”

17. “Many years ago, I met a guy at an outdoor music festival in Miami. He was tall, good looking, and seemed cool. He asked me on a date, and we agreed we would hang out the following weekend. I should mention that he had sunglasses on during our initial encounter. This was the early 2000s, so there was no FaceTime or sending pics. We met at the restaurant (very fancy and well-known), and it was a good thing he was waiting for me outside because I would not have recognized him. He was NOT as good looking as I remembered — he was what we’ll call ‘sunglasses hot.’ I wanted to be courteous, so I pressed on with the dinner. Shortly after being seated, he was very rude to the waitstaff, which made me extremely uncomfortable. At one point, he showed his temper and started to get loud with our server.”
“It was then that I excused myself to the bathroom and walked right out and left him there alone. Rudeness is bad enough, but looking like a completely different person with or without sunglasses is just too much!”


18. “Newly single, my friend wanted to set me up with a friend of theirs. OK, cool. We agreed to meet at the restaurant and have a double date since we both knew them and it wouldn’t be totally awkward. The guy showed up with three of his friends that we didn’t know and after introductions, didn’t speak to me at all. After drinks, I made an excuse to leave, and that was that.”


19. “He brought along his loud, drunk friend. I left them both at the mall food court when the friend pulled out his phone and started watching porn, in public, with the sound on.”

20. “I met this guy and he asked for my number, so we decided to go out for coffee two days later. When we met up, he immediately tries to grab my butt. That was red flag number one. We went to get a coffee and he sat NEXT to me in the booth (who does that on a first date?) and we got to talking. He didn’t understand the difference between a cardiologist (what I am) and cardiovascular surgeon and kept asking me about the operating room, after I had explained to him multiple times I’m NOT a surgeon. And, randomly in the middle of the conversation, he would grab me and try to romantically kiss me. I had to tell him to stop. After that, he started telling me about all the girls that message him. After an hour, I said I had to ‘get ready for work the next day’ and ran away. A few days later, he messaged me telling me he wanted us to live together. I ghosted him.”


21. “I was going out to eat with my date, and I got all glammed up in a dress, stockings, and heels when my date arrived on a Harley. Nothing wrong with motorcycles — I just wish I had known beforehand. I managed to situate myself on the back of the bike, and off we went. Apparently, he was trying to show off, and he drove very erratically. He even managed to tip us over after hitting a curb, and the tailpipe melted my stocking against my ankle. Needless to say, I called my brother to come pick me up and told my date flat-out it just wasn’t going to work. He was a cutie, but, unfortunately, I still bear the scar of that night on my ankle.”

22. “A friend set me up with a coworker of his. We met at a restaurant, and he started talking about the many women he’d slept with. He said, ‘Women are like gum — you gotta get a fresh piece.’ He rambled on and on, saying really bizarre things. To be honest, he was scaring me. Even our waitress overheard. I got up and excused myself to the restroom and told the waitress I was leaving and to cancel my order. She was so nice and said she’d overheard some of it and she’d cover for me for a few minutes while I left. I walked out, drove home, and blocked him. That was the end of that. My friend, his coworker, was mortified.”

23. “One time, I met a guy at a club and agreed to meet him the next day at a restaurant. At dinner, he told me that he was self-conscious about his body, and despite being in his late 20s, he refused to let anyone see him naked, or even shirtless. I asked him if he’d ever showered with a girl, and he told me he did but with clothes on! I was so creeped out. I excused myself to go to the bathroom at the restaurant and escaped through a back door near the bathroom. I got in my car as soon as I could. I never heard from him again and was sure to never to go back to the club where we met or the restaurant.”

24. “This happened to my dad. When he was in college, he went on a date with a girl he met at the mall. They ordered drinks, and she admitted she needed to tell him something. He jokingly said, ‘Oh, don’t tell me you’re married.’ She said she was. He put down some money for his drink and walked out without another word.”

25. “I met a guy on Tinder. His profile said he was into fashion and he was trying to start his own line. I asked him questions about it on Tinder, but he kept saying it was easier to explain in person. He looked decent in his pictures, so we set up a hockey date. I took a cab and met him there. I’m not super into fashion, but whatever he was wearing was not it. This was 2013 (I was 23 at the time), and everything he had on looked like it came from the store Randy River. Whatever. Like I said, I’m not super into fashion, so maybe it was a thing? The real issue arose when we got into the nearly-empty arena to find our seats, and someone was sitting in them. He came unglued and started yelling at them and threatening them, even though there were empty seats in front and behind our designated seats. I said it was fine and that we could just sit in front of the seats, but that wasn’t good enough.”
“I looked at him and said I needed to go to the washroom, then I left the arena. He texted me asking where I was, and I told him I left because he wasn’t what I was looking for. He replied back saying he was going to ditch me anyway. I went to a bar by myself, met a guy, and actually started dating him.”


26. “My aunt set me up on a date with her church friend’s son. ‘He’s such a good boy,’ she said. It was my first official blind date after getting divorced. We didn’t even text prior to it. We just followed along with the plans his mom and my aunt made. Thankfully, I drove myself that night. First impressions were OK, but the man wouldn’t let me get a word in. He kept going on and on about himself. Any time I could get a word in, he had to one-up me. He ordered everything — drinks, appetizers, and dinner — and even got offended when I asked to split the bill since he made ‘so much money in investment banking,’ blah, blah, blah. I was really not feeling the vibe. I could’ve held up a mirror for this guy to talk to himself, since he was sooo self-involved.”
“I got up and excused myself to the bathroom, luckily catching a waitress on the way. I asked if there was any way she could get me out of the situation for $20. She got me out of the kitchen door, and I hauled my butt home. My aunt called me the next day and was upset that I was so disrespectful to him and his family. Apparently, his mom had made a whole to-do at her church about her son being left on a date. It has been six years, and she still brings it up when she gets mad at me. I hope he found what he was looking for because it sure wasn’t going to be me!”



27. “MANY years ago (1968), I was at a drive-in movie with a guy who had only sex on his mind. It wasn’t on my mind! I told him I had to use the restroom. I walked out of the drive-in and all the way home — over six miles, late at night. I was 18. He turned out to be an MLB all-star shortstop for many years. Even with that, I still would have walked out! A real creep.”

28. “Back in the days of Myspace, I was newly single and 23, so I made my relationship status known. I was friends with a lot of clients from the tattoo shop I worked at, and a guy that had come in a few times hit me up. I wasn’t particularly interested in dating, but he insisted it was just a friendly cup of coffee. OK, whatever. We went out, and his questions just kept getting weirder and weirder as he scooted closer and closer to me. I was getting really freaked out at this point. So something possessed me to say, ‘Oh shit, my period started and I have nothing on me, so I have to go!’ He looked dumbstruck and asked if we could go out again as I got up and covered my butt so my make-believe period didn’t show, LOL.”
“I never talked to him again — I just got really bad vibes. He kept messaging me and even came into the shop a few times, but luckily, we could see them before they could see us, so I always ducked out. My friends would lie and say I didn’t work there anymore.”



29. “Once upon a time, I was a professional modern dancer and personal trainer. At the time of this date, I was in my second year of my Physical Therapy school, which is a doctorate program. He knew all of this. It was our third date, and I was describing how and why I used to strengthen certain muscle groups that are specific to ballet/modern dance. He, a financial planner, said, ‘Yeah, I don’t think you are right about there being a connection between dance training and strength training. You should really try lifting if you want to get stronger.’ I stared at him for about 15 seconds. I didn’t say anything. I grabbed my purse and went to the host desk to pay my bill. He did not follow me over. Apparently, the feeling was mutual.”

30. Finally: “One time, this guy invited me out to a nice dinner. I showed up to pick him up, and he answered the door in pajama pants. He asked if he could cook for me instead. He proceeded to pop a couple breaded chicken breasts into his toaster and build a sandwich (nothing but sliced cheese and Sriracha). I declined, and he asked if I want to watch The Office in his room since his roommate was home. We got upstairs, and his room had no furniture besides an enormous metal desk and an unmade bed. I sat on the edge of the bed, and he sat at the desk. Then, he moved to the other side of the bed. He just gradually kept moving closer to me until his leg was touching mine. He started leaning into me as I was leaning away. I got up to leave when he threw a blanket over our legs and patted it down on my thighs. I said, ‘Thank you, but this isn’t what I was looking for,’ and he told me I was a stupid moron and I should feel lucky he was interested at all.”
“He then followed me out to berate me from the top of his stairs. I was in and out in 25 minutes. As I was leaving, his roommate overheard what was happening. After ‘my date’ slammed his bedroom door closed, the roommate quietly told me he was sorry that his roommate was so shitty and he thought I looked nice for a date.”