My lil guide to attracting/seducing rich men


Hey all, I’m bored at work so I wanted to make an obnoxiously long post on how I attract/seduce rich men in both sugar and vanilla dating so I put together a few tips that I also elaborated on way too much because I don’t know how to shut up. I’ve dated a lot of rich guys and have practically become a magnet for the one percent for some reason so here’s what I believe worked best for me personally!

First of all, there is some merit to the idea that girls have to act dumb to get guys. I know, I know, women certainly shouldn’t have to dumb themselves down to date, and that’s not what I’m saying! What I am saying is that leading with your intelligence may be hurting your seduction. First of all, it’s unnecessary. Think about the last time you walked out of a conversation and thought “GOD, what a colossal dumbass.” Was it because that person didn’t hit you over the head with their professional resume? Or didn’t mention as soon as they could that they were getting a masters degree at Columbia? Or that they didn’t quote Kant? Or — God forbid — they mentioned that they liked shopping? Partying? Makeup? Probably not, huh? That’s because it’s easy to deduct what someone’s intelligence level roughly is from basic conversation. Intelligent people have abilities to make and understand jokes, read and mirror their conversation partner’s tone, and engage in basic talk about pop culture and news. If you can do those things, men are aware that you’re smart. And honestly, that probably doesn’t matter much to the guys you’re attempting to seduce. Not because they want an illiterate bimbo, but because they are likely surrounded by intelligent people. Their boss, coworkers, and friends probably have the same quality, which makes it less impressive. If all of your friends are models, how intoxicated are you going to be by the first good looking person you see? Not very. So lead with your fun, sexy side and not your LinkedIn credits.

Similarly, do not bore him with logistics. When asked what I studied, I used to rattle off “I’m a fashion design major and I’m planning to specialize in intimate apparel with a minor in ethics and sustainability.” Bitch, huh? It hit me recently just how much I had gone out of my way to make the fact that I was literally studying the very sexy art of lingerie making sound so incredibly unsexy. The thing is, guys in business/finance/real estate are confronted with these boring sounding logistical details all day long. The ultimate key to seducing them is to take them away from that — make it seem like when they’re with you, they are suddenly being swept off into a world where you sit around in Agent Provocateur lingerie eating chocolate covered strawberries, watching Marilyn Monroe movies, and talking to cute guys all while Dom Perignon rains from the sky, and he’s all yours. You are the ultimate feminine fantasy that his hedonistic side cannot resist. As Robert Greene wrote in The Art of Seduction (which I recommend every SB to read, especially the chapter about the Siren archetype), “The intellectual is often the one most susceptible to the Siren call of pure physical pleasure, because his life so lacks it.” Give him the impression that you have access to pleasures he has not yet experienced.

Lastly, give him some shit. Don’t suck up to him, believe every word he says, or fail to acknowledge his privilege. I briefly had a married SD who was mind-numbingly wealthy and would have complained about his wife for hours if I had let him. The second time he brought her up, I told him “You’re one of the most privileged people on earth, I really don’t care to listen to you complain about a marriage you entered voluntarily.” I absolutely expected him to be pissed (and I didn’t really care otherwise I wouldn’t have said it) but his respect for me was tenfold after that, and the next time we met he nearly gushed over how rarely he has been put in his place like that. Rich guys are used to being fawned over and sucked up to and the cartoonishly feminine strategy of “Oh, you poor handsome man, I just adore you and want you to be so much happier in your already incredibly comfortable life!” just does not work. Give them a little shit, they love it! As for a more lighthearted example, I live in nyc and whenever a guy tells me he works in finance my response is a sarcastic “How original!” and it gets a positive reaction every single time. Men like the chase, so make it clear that you won’t be impressed too easily.

That’s all I got right now, let me know what you agree/disagree with as a SB/SD, I’d love to hear some different perspectives!

TLDR; lead with your fun side instead of your resume, be mysterious and don’t bore them with logistics, and don’t suck up to them, give them a little shit.

Best Dating Sites for Rich Men

Put Your Wealth to Work in the Dating World With These Exclusive Dating Sites

While a woman looking to date a wealthy man may get a reputation for being a gold digger, there’s actually a fair amount of dating sites out there where men with money are seeking women, be them pageant queens, models, or girls next door with a heart of gold.


As with any other type of dating site, there will be different cost levels and features and ultimately you’ll choose the one that is right for you — it may involve work and some patience, but stick to it. The loving relationship you want (or sugar daddy/sugar baby agreement!) of your dreams is just around the corner, waiting to be discovered.

How to Find a Sugar Baby

In today’s fast-paced culture, where the entire world’s cuisine is often just an Uber Eats order away, it’s no surprise that more and more people are opting to cut through the usual niceties around dating and get to the substance. If you’re a wealthy guy looking for a pretty woman – whether for a relationship, a one-night stand or even just company to some high-class evening or dinner party – well, as they say, there’s an app for that.

In 2019, you can register on a dating site or app, and after a short verification process, you’ll be introduced to a world of potential “sugar babies,” women who are looking to sell their beauty or their time – for the right price. Sure, you can meet women like this in the wild, at bars or clubs or high-end hotels, or you can take the risk of trying to meet them on regular old dating apps like Tinder, but the following websites and apps have ingeniously filtered out the women who don’t want their relationship to be transactional, leaving you only with a pool of women who are looking for the same kind of mutually beneficial relationship you are.

That having been said, there are some caveats. Don’t just go on any old site, or download any old app. Take your time, narrow down your options, and pick the service that offers what you’re looking for. Here are a few features worth looking for in your quest to find a sugar baby:

  • Safety and security – Don’t download an app or register for a website that doesn’t have a sterling reputation and sufficient security to protect your personal data
  • Size of community – Some services are popular, and have many users, and others are newer and less frequently used. The more people using the service, the greater the chance you’ll have of finding a match.
  • Barriers to entry – Unlike with traditional dating sites or apps – for example, Tinder – you actually want sugar baby services to have lengthy registration and verification processes. Women are often asked to verify their identities via Instagram or LinkedIn, or by using a .edu email address, and men – the potential “sugar daddies” – are often asked to provide a bank statement or some other means of verifying their wealth.

Advice for Sugar Babies Looking for a Rich Man

If you’re a woman looking to meet a wealthy man, you have more options today than ever before. Some services are more explicitly covert escort services, while others are essentially dating sites for “elite” daters (typically, beautiful young women and wealthy men).

To get the most out of these services, you need to know exactly what you’re looking for. If you want marriage and children, you don’t want to market yourself to the sugar daddy crowd, who are largely looking for no-strings-attached, informal relationships. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for some extra spending money or even a monthly allowance, you’re not going to want to waste your time on the “dating” services; you’ll be better off using the more explicitly sugar baby/sugar daddy sites.

The Best Dating Sites for Wealthy Men


WhatsYourPrice is a unique dating site for wealthy singles to give and receive incentives to go on first dates, by allowing these men to use their money as an advantage in the dating scene. The site gives generous members the opportunity to offer incentives to potential partners to get straight to the date and avoid the endless, time-consuming cycle of messaging. This site is also extremely popular among single fathers (and mothers).
Check out


Seeking logo and Seeking smartphone screenshots

Seeking is known to be the world’s largest Sugar Daddy dating site. Sugar dating puts what each partner can bring to a romantic relationship — and what they’ll receive — into explicit terms, and this site is about finding relationships on your terms. They encourage members to engage in transparent and honest relationships, and as this site has a pretty favorable ratio for men (4 women to every 1 man), there’s a good chance the guy will find what he’s looking for. Women can join free, but men must pay a monthly membership fee in order to correspond with potential matches.
Check out


Millionaire Match logo and smartphone screenshots

MillionaireMatch is a dating site dedicated to matching well-off men with beautiful single women. It has features like Facebook sign-in, mobile apps, and the benefit of having existed for over 15 years, longer than most other sites. It’s also personalized, in that a Special Members Director will help a member to set up an account and fill out their profile, rather than having do so on their own, and while free accounts are available, they have limited functions. There’s also verified wealth and income checks, to make sure that the person claiming to be rich actually is.
Check out


SecretBenefits logo and SecretBenefits dating app open on smartphone

SecretBenefits is a paid site, in which rich sugar daddies can find a date, does offer a free membership, but if you want to send any messages, you’ll have to use the paid version. You do this by buying credits, and then the credits are exchanged to send messages and start a conversation. Credits are also necessary to look through a member’s photos, but if you are truly a rich sugar daddy, you can afford it! There is no mobile app version available, which seems to be a lost opportunity, but we appreciate that there’s a photo verification process so you can be assured the photos people are using are actually of them. That itself is worth shelling out cash for a bunch of credits.
Check out


Elite Singles dating app logo and smartphone screenshots

The EliteSingles service is a bit unique in that it involves a personality quiz in the matching process, so meeting someone isn’t just about how you look but also who you are as a person and what you enjoy and don’t enjoy. You can also answer these questions on a scale, so it’s not a basic yes or no or right or wrong situation if you find yourself somewhere in the middle. While it’s free to set up your own dating profile, you’ll need to pay in order to use most of the features, as with other sites. There are three levels of membership, the most basic of which gives you unlimited messaging, and the two other levels of membership have different prices but add on the ability to see all member photos and get notifications when your messages have been read, and even see who has viewed your profile and when.
Check out


SugarDaddyMeet logo and smartphone screenshots

This is another site (and app) that has been around for a while and has an international component, matching sugar daddies with single women from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Europe and more. While anyone can join this site and can create a free account, you’ll need to upgrade to use the full features. If you are a gentleman, you may become a Certified Daddy after your profile and photos have been verified. Sugar daddies can upgrade to a gold account for full use of features and ladies can browse the site for free. Also, men have a chance to send a girl a so-called “first date gift” to attract her attention.
Check out


EstablishedMen logo and website screenshot

This site is unique in that there’s an option for members to have a private photo gallery in addition to the main profile, and then access to those photos can be granted on an individual basis. There’s also voice message options, and it’s free for women to join, but men are going to want to upgrade to the paid version to have access to the worthwhile features. There’s a bunch of extra features on this service, including voicemail, premium badges, and recommended users. With these features, you can increase the odds that you will be noticed, and facilitate the process of meeting someone.
Check out

Luxy App

Luxy dating app and smartphone screenshots

This app is free to join if you earn more than $200k or if you are voted in by other members based on — literally — how hot you are. The app then acts like a matchmaker, generally setting up CEO-types with supermodels and such. Features include allowing users to browse and connect with nearby millionaires and a Tinder-like feature, which lets people anonymously swipe right to like other users or swipe left to pass. When contact is made, you can send and receive unlimited messages, send free virtual gifts, and also vouch for others you may want to be able to join the Luxy community. There’s also various levels of membership at various price points, but unlike the various sugar daddy sites, Luxy purports to be a serious dating site for those seeking serious long-term relationships.
Check out Luxy App