He Gave Me His Clean STI Test”: 29 Poor Unfortunate Souls Who Almost Certainly Had A Worse Valentine’s Day Than You
“My boyfriend at the time called me up after work; I assumed it would be to make plans for the evening. He told me he had cheated on me, again.”

Happy Discount Candy Day! I recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their terrible Valentine’s Day memories, and now, as a post-Valentine’s Day treat, I’m sharing the best of the worst with you.

1. “I got dumped after a year-and-a-half relationship with no explanation as to why. It was also two days before my birthday. 19 was a fun year.”

2. “I had been dating this girl for three months. It was Valentine’s, and she insisted on a specific restaurant at a specific time. I made a reservation, and we went. Well, her ex was there with a new lady, and I didn’t know this, but her ex and I look very similar. This lady had a type! Long story short, she wanted to make said ex jealous, and it worked. We broke up at the restaurant, and I found out two weeks later they were back together. I hope they’re well.”

3. “I was admitted to the ER at 8 a.m. and was told my appendix was way too big and that it needed to be removed before it burst. They didn’t get me into surgery until 7 p.m., and I wasn’t allowed to eat this whole time. My now husband was by my side the whole time, and once I was out of surgery, we ordered a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Johns, but it was absolute trash. It was a super lame Valentine’s Day.”

4. “In 1996, the father of my boss, whose office was on the floor below, gave carnations to all the ladies in the building. I got the one with a broken stem and had to tape it so it wouldn’t flop over.”

5. “In high school, my boyfriend drove me to McDonald’s where he put my present (a charm bracelet) in my McNuggets box. I should’ve known then.”

6. “My boyfriend at the time called me up after work; I assumed it would be to make plans for the evening. He told me he had cheated on me, again. I said ‘Okay, bye!’ An excellent decision. My fault for forgiving after the first time. It was not a devastating loss!”

7. “My date said we were going for some drinks and dinner. He forgot to mention while watching soccer and with his buddies. We didn’t last long.”

9. “Last year, my partner at the time surprised me and said they were getting me tickets to see one of my favorite artists play a few days after Valentine’s as my gift. The week before the concert, they told me they didn’t have enough in their account for the tickets but would the day after the concert and asked if they could Venmo me for the tickets the day after. I ended up dropping $250 on tickets for the both of us, and they never paid me back.”
“On top of it, I had to work Valentine’s Day, and we had been planning on going to dinner, so I told them that planning would be up to them as I knew I had to work. They picked me up from work and asked me what I wanted to do, so we scrambled to find a restaurant after calling and driving to multiple places; we ended up getting takeout and sitting on opposite sides of their room while watching TV, which is what we did basically every other night. The cherry on top is that they chose to get takeout from a restaurant I hate and ignored me for most of the night. Worst Valentine’s ever.”

—Anonymous, 19, Michigan

10. “In college, I was on a club sports team that regularly competed against the same other schools, so we were good friends with a lot of the other athletes. One guy and I had been casually flirting via text and Facebook and had drunkenly kissed at one party. He took it upon himself to drive four hours from his school to mine and set up a surprise Valentine’s scavenger hunt for me. Luckily, a friend knew about it and was able to get ahold of me and give me a heads-up so I wasn’t blindsided, but I did not feel like that about him, had work that afternoon and a paper/exam/homework to prepare for that evening, and was super uncomfortable with the gesture. I did the hunt, thanked him, and sent him driving back home that night. Not sure who was cringier, him or me.”
—Anonymous, 33, Hawaii

11. “Two weeks before Valentine’s Day, I was wandering through the holiday section at Target and spotted the most god-awful stuffed bear, which lit up and sang. It was the tackiest thing I had ever seen. On the big day, you guessed it, that bear ended up being my gift from my boyfriend of two years. I was nice about it, but it underscored how he didn’t know me at all. We broke up shortly after when I realized that even after nearly three years together, he didn’t know my actual name (only my nickname). When called on it, he ARGUED WITH ME about what MY NAME was!”

12. “I got broken up with on Valentine’s Day…which also happens to be my birthday. The reason for the breakup was because I was ‘gaining too much weight.’ I was obviously devastated, and I remember my mom taking me to go see a slasher movie, and I was crying the whole time. She tried her best.”
—Anonymous, 19, NYC

13. “In high school for Valentine’s Day, the school offered for students to buy $2 carnations (white for friends, pink for crush, red for love) to be delivered to the recipient during the day. This friend of mine had a huge crush on me. I knew, and I thought I made it clear that I didn’t return his feelings. Come Valentine’s Day, he sent me at least half a dozen carnations, mixed pink and red. The students handing them out hadn’t even organized the orders, so I had to keep getting out of my seat to go get more carnations, more and more mortified every time. I’m still so embarrassed thinking of it almost 20 years later.”
—Anonymous, Illinois, USA, 35

14. “The guy I was dating at the time for 13 months took me to the grocery store near his home so that I could pick my own flowers and my own chocolate because ‘I would know best what I like.’ Then, we walked past the stationary section on our way to the checkout registers, and I realized he also wanted me to ‘pick out my own card.’ I couldn’t hold it in anymore and began to cry. I was simply taken aback by how little he knew or cared about me, and how evident this now was to me. I opened the card later that night to find he wrote: ‘To the one I care about a lot’ beneath the generic card message and signed it.”

“This also made me cry because I had told him I loved him two months prior on New Year’s Eve, and he had yet to reciprocate. The kicker was when he got offended that I told him how hurt I felt over the events that transpired this particular Valentine’s Day. Unsurprisingly, he broke up with me three months later (after I had moved and changed jobs for our relationship), saying that he didn’t know if he could ever love me.”

15. “On Valentine’s Day, after 10 years of marriage, after I had made his favorite meal, and given him a nice card and a gift, he said, ‘Oh, is that today… I didn’t realize the date.’ I got nothing, not even an apology. The kicker: His birthday was the day before, which I had also made a big deal of, and celebrated.”
—Anonymous, 64 / Louisiana

16. “I had been dating this guy for about five months, and I had recently been introduced to his friend group. In this group was Becca, his roommate’s long-time girlfriend. Becca and I were strikingly similar in appearance (I should have known then). On Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I went to a movie and out to eat. We headed back to his place, and on the kitchen counter is a gorgeous arrangement of flowers and a card he said was for me. When I open the card, however, it is to Becca from my boyfriend. Apparently, he had mistakenly swapped cards. Being the absolute petty person I am, I said nothing. I waited until his roommate and Becca returned from their night. When Becca commented on how nice the flowers were, I handed her the card and said this is for you, grabbed my coat, and left.”

17. “I was excited about my first Valentine’s Day with someone. I didn’t have a boyfriend until after I was 21, and I was hyped up. I bought him a man’s Figaro gold chain that cost me $200. I paid for us to go out to dinner, and then to a comedy club. Before we went out, I presented him with his gift, and he said he didn’t buy me anything; that it was a Hallmark holiday, and it was just another day to waste money on cards and such. I was so shattered that I did nothing but cry during dinner and at the comedy club. He also did nothing to try to help me pay for any of it. I stupidly stayed with him for many years after that, but the whole relationship was a disaster, and I never wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day ever again. At least I got my money back for the necklace.”

18. “He showed up at work with some raggedy flowers that he bought from a seller on the street corner and a card from a liquor store that called me a friend (after a year together). I found out three years later that I was never the only girlfriend. He did me a huge favor when he married someone else while I was on vacation and arranged for my parents to break the news to me.”

19. “My idiot ex had a secret girlfriend while he was dating me, so to save time and energy, he got both of us an edible arrangement for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, he accidentally had them both delivered to MY APARTMENT. So, for Valentine’s Day, I received a fruit bouquet and a very sweet note from my boyfriend, along with a SECOND identical bouquet for someone named Jennifer, along with a near-identical note attached. To his (barely any) credit, he didn’t even try to lie when I confronted him about it.”
—Anonymous, 43, MA

20. “I planned a very simple Valentine’s Day dinner with my then-girlfriend, who I had been seeing for about three months at this point. She was very sweet and appreciative at the beginning of the night, but her mood declined as it got later. I didn’t push it too hard, but the day after, she stopped responding to my messages. When I finally got a hold of her to ask what I had done wrong, she confessed that she was upset because she assumed I was going to propose on Valentine’s Day. I was absolutely shocked and said that the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind because we were so early going in the relationship. Needless to say, we did not last very long after that.”
—Anonymous, 34, FL

21. “In the third grade, we all had to bring in Valentines for each of our classmates and one piece of candy for each of them. My family didn’t have a lot of money growing up, so my mom couldn’t afford to spend extra money for things like field trips or Valentines or anything like that. Instead, she helped me make 20 or so handmade Valentines for my classmates. When I brought them to class, my teacher wouldn’t let me pass out my Valentines because my mom hadn’t bought a special treat for the class. I had to sit at my desk and watch all the other kids exchange Valentines and went home crying. The only satisfying part of that story was when my mom went to the school to raise hell when she found out what had happened. I have no idea why that teacher was so mean, but she apologize to my mom and didn’t bother me for the rest of the year.”

22. “The worst Valentine’s Day was a guy at my job brought me roses, balloons, and a teddy bear and put it on my desk. The problem was, he was very married, and I had told him many times I was not interested in cheating with him. It was incredibly embarrassing, and I was angry people thought that I was messing around with him. I told him off and said that he should be giving that shit to his wife, not a coworker!”

23. “A few years ago, my boyfriend made me a super sweet romantic dinner. The night was going great until we sat down to eat, and he barely touched his food because he wasn’t feeling good. Then, he spiked a fever of 104 and was uncontrollably shaking, and we ended up in the emergency room. It ended up just being the flu, but after four years, he still hasn’t made chicken Parm again.”

24. “Heavily pregnant with our third child, my husband of seven years and I had plans for dinner and a movie on Valentine’s Day. In the middle of dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant, he told me that he’s met someone and wanted a divorce. The waiter saw me crying and trying to stave off a panic attack and very solicitously thought I was in labor. I just wanted to disappear. And my husband has the nerve to ask if I’d still like to see the movie when we’re done eating. Lucky for me, I met and married the most amazing man who raised my kids as his own, and we’re celebrating 20 years together in May. Sometimes, you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince!”

25. “My ex proposed to me at the top of a Ferris wheel on Valentine’s Day. I truly cared about him and loved him very much, but he was extremely selfish and a bit of a narcissist, so I knew marriage was not an option for us. My answer was, I’m sorry but no. Apparently, he paid the Ferris wheel operator a few extra bucks to keep us at the top for 10 extra minutes. It was the longest awkward 10 minutes of my life. The worst part was the operator gave him a thumbs-up when we got back down. After we got off the ride, he left me to find my own ride home, and in the following days, proceeded to tell our friends how I ruined his life. When they tried to explain some of his toxic behavior to him, he told them he knew I had gotten to all of them and turned them all against him. Really?!”

26. “My now ex-boyfriend told me a couple of weeks ago he didn’t like Valentine’s Day and it was just too cringy, so we agreed not to celebrate. He broke up with me two weeks ago. Come to find out he asked multiple girls, a few being my ‘friends,’ if they’d be his Valentine this year while we were still together. He wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day, just not with me.”

27. “My ex-boyfriend asked me what I wanted for Valentine’s Day, and I said ‘I don’t know, just some flowers.’ He proceeded to complain that he was going to get me flowers, but now that I had said that I wanted them, it took away ‘the whole sentiment.’ A few days later, it was Valentine’s Day, and he picked me up, tossed the flowers at me, and bluntly said ‘here.'”

28. “My then-husband of 27 years took me out for Valentine’s dinner. The young waiter was all romantic and excited, and explained he’d just gotten engaged; he told us how much he loved the girl, and looked forward to living his whole life with her. He said, ‘Basically, I want to be you guys in 25 years.’ My husband looked up at him and said, ‘Really? Because every day is a different dumpster fire.’ People still wonder why I left him.”

29. “I dated this really shitty guy in high school. On Valentine’s Day, he brought me the big box of chocolates and a rose to school, but by lunch, I had found out HIS SIDE CHICK gave them to him and he just regifted them to me.”