easy lay

Ever wondered if you’re the girlfriend type or the easy lay type of girl? Well, here’s a peek into how you project yourself and how guys see you.

For men who are out on the prowl, women belong in two categories: either they’re an easy lay or they’re hard to get. From the moment she steps into the room, whether it is a club, a party, or an office, it’s like men have this inexplicable radar that can detect if a woman is an easy lay or not.

Unknown to women who think men are just dense, insensitive and inattentive, when it comes to finding that one easy lay amidst a group of women, men seem to have a finely tuned talent for seeing beyond the veiled looks and rehearsed smiles.

An easy lay – Things girls do that makes guys think it

Before you go out there and just be your sexy, independent, and laid back self, know these 18 things that make you seem like an easy lay for the guys.

Knowing what ticks off their straydar will help you not only guard yourself against men on the prowl, but also help you to be taken seriously and stand out from among those that are just looking for one-nighters.

1. Sex on the first date
If you are out on a blind date or you just went out with someone you know, kissing on the first date is a fair giveaway that you’re willing and eager to get in the sack too.

While a kiss on the first date is relatively harmless, taking a guy to bed a few hours after meeting him can lead to many different things, but it could also lead to the circumstance where he sneaks out immediately after the deed.

2. Dead giveaway

Speaking of dead giveaways, putting on overly revealing clothes, even in cold weather, can give off the idea to men that you want to be noticed. And notice they will. A woman looking to be taken home that night will take the shortcut—and a miniskirt—to give men a quick sneak peek already.

3. That thong
While there’s nothing wrong with wearing a thong, easy ladies would have no problem showing them off to entice men.

Wearing your hot pink thong that peeks out of white, low-waist skinny jeans is inviting men to look at the eye-candy—and even approach you for more.

4. Spill the beans
You tell a lot of people about your past sexual encounters, such as one night stands and how you are in bed.

This information will always have a way of getting around and before you know it, the guy who likes you will hear about it and use it to get you in bed with him.

5. Give him your number

As you are open about your sex life, you are also open about your number. A lot of other women would go to all lengths to cover up their sexual conquests, but women with no inhibition about the number of guys they bedded will easily tell you their count and even add a few more to the list.

6. Dancing suggestively
Men can identify easy women by the way they dance at the club. While you can just be a great dancer or you are just confident enough in your own skin to get on the dance floor with such gusto, there will be women who will move in a way that makes men think about the way they move together in bed.

7. Gone in 30 seconds
There will be women who drink and easily get drunk, but there will be those who drink to get drunk. If you can down three shots in less than 30 seconds, guys have a pretty good idea what you’re all about.

It’s like they have a radar for this kind of girl. Getting drunk in a bar can give off an impression that you have no self-control. And that’s the kind of girl many guys are looking for.

8. Overly flirtatious
When you flirt with everyone who wears pants, it sends a clear message that you are not picky when it comes to the men in your life, or in your underpants. This can give men a boost in confidence because it means they don’t need to try too hard to win you over because you will put out anyway.

9. Low intellect
Seeing you be clumsy, stutter, and bumble like a twit can make it hardly difficult for guys to impress you. Showing signs of low intellect can often lead guys to think that you can be easily sweet-talked into getting in the sack with them. After all, you may just confuse his bedroom for the bathroom.

10. Too accommodating
Sometimes, you just have to put your foot down when it comes to what you like and what you’re not comfortable with. When you always say “yes” more than “no,” men can easily manipulate you.

Not being able to assert yourself shows your insecurities, which men can feed off and make you an easy prey for their lustful plans.


11. Desperation
Men can sense if you have an air of desperation, like they can smell your perfume. Acting desperate by being too eager to please men gives them an automatic advantage.

All they have to do is tell you what you want to hear and you’re in the sack even before you finish saying “I have daddy issues.”

12. Push-over momma
If someone bumps you in the club and you’re the one who apologizes, this would attract you to some men, those that like less effort by getting a push-over to take home.

Sometimes, you have to be a bitch to survive, but if you are as meek as a mouse, you can easily be won over or even coerced into doing something you might regret later.

13. Touchy-feely
When you’re being too comfortable with a guy you just met and you keep touching him, this could mean that you are inviting him to reciprocate.

This shows how much you are comfortable—or willing—to be in contact with him and that there could be more in store.

14. “F*ck Me Pumps”
As the late Amy Winehouse would sing about, if you’re a girl who wears stripper high-heel stilettos *instead of the more classy Louboutins* then you’re most likely looking for someone to notice you and, without further ado, get you off those painful shoes and that dress, pronto.

15. Public show
It doesn’t matter if you’re drunk or not, or if it’s with your sorority BFF or someone you just bonded in the club, but a public girl-on-girl action, such as kissing *not to mention recreating sexual girl-on-girl acts on the dance floor* can also spike the blood of onlooking men.

Doing this can make them think that you’re not just on for sex but also for some experimentation.

16. Thick-skinned

Easy women can be thick-skinned in two ways: one, they aren’t easily fazed by the crowd so they do what they want to do even if it’s actually embarrassing for them; two, they wear A LOT of makeup.

Wearing a lot of makeup shows your insecurity and this could easily translate into how badly you want to please people, especially men. Therefore, this gives men the clue that they only need to compliment you on your looks and you’d be ready to go home with them.

17. Birds of the feather
Another indication that you’re easy is your clique. If you’re friends with or are always around other women who are notoriously easy, then you are also easy by association. Besides, you really may be. How else would you have gotten along enough to join the wet T-shirt contest all together?

18. Fake
Not only do you have fake lashes, fake nails, and fake hair, you also regularly visit your “doctor” for your filler fix. Your lips are fake and you also recently got a nose job on top of your boob job. All this just means you are more concerned about your outward appearance to get easy validation from people.

And men, therefore, only need to tell you what you always wanted to hear so you feel good enough about yourself to believe them. And the rest is history. [Read: 16 signs the date you’re on is going to end as a one night stand]

Being labeled an easy lay isn’t fair, but we live in a judgmental world
Being perceived as an “easy lay” may be unfair for some girls who don’t really want to project that image but end up doing so anyway. It could be out of habit or that’s just how they are. However, the thing is, most people would often judge you very quickly.

You’ve walked into the room no longer than 10 seconds and people already have an idea of what kind of woman you are, whether easy or not. It could be because of the way you talk, dress, dance, present yourself to people, or interact with people.

Learning the signs above can give you an idea if you are unconsciously sending a signal that screams you’re easy, or help you curb your behavior to be more “girlfriend-material” instead of “one-night-stand target.”

Men think about sex almost all the time, and if you knowingly or unknowingly do anything that gets their loins excited without much effort from them, then as unfair as it may be, there’s a good chance the guys consider you an easy lay.