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Do Women Like the Mens Junk? ? 22 Things that Make The Perfect Junk that Girls Love!! And Pics Of The World Record Junk! (NSFW)! (warning DIck PIcs)

Do women like the penis, or is it more about what you can do with it? In her eyes, what exactly is the perfect cock? So many questions, so little time!

We could wax poetic about the parts of the penis, but the gist of it all is that there’s a head, a shaft, and a couple of balls. The number of parts can be multiplied in terms of sex, but we’ll stick to the basics for the purpose of this feature. Of course, you’re all curious about this question – do women like a penis?

There’s a misconception that women tend to smile with glee whenever the word ‘penis’ is mentioned, but that is absolutely not true. Women can be terrified of it.

It’s not just a symbol of virility or the mark of a man. It is an entity that has the ability to invade a woman’s most intimate area and then some.

As far as private parts go, the penis is probably the most obvious of them all. It is literally out there for the entire world to admire or abhor. It can be big, small, fat, thin, loopy, technicolored, or even bedazzled. When it comes to variety, the penis does not disappoint.

Does the perfect cock exist?
When it comes to the perfect cock, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. First of all, women aren’t all the same. They like different things. That means that a great piece of equipment for one woman wouldn’t do the job for another.

There are universally preferred characteristics when it comes to a guy’s member, but that doesn’t mean that every woman will like these things. If you want to know what makes the perfect cock, you’re in the right place.

How much are women interested in penises?
Women are designed to be passively interested in penises. When they first meet a man, they don’t immediately gaze at a man’s crotch the way some men do with women’s breasts. The thought of a man’s penis size and shape simply passes through a girl’s mind.

It’s not something that they fixate on all through the night.

That doesn’t mean that women are incapable of having sexual thoughts. Women are just more focused on the process of making love or having sex than the anatomical factors involved. Even so, they are usually optimistic about the size of their partner’s member before they get into bed.

The truth is that women are more interested in your penis once they’ve seen it. Before that, they worry more about how your relationship is going to progress and whether you will be a good boyfriend.

That is usually advantageous for guys because, no matter how disappointing their penis is, they can compensate by being loving and affectionate. Sometimes, that is all that counts. [Read: Why are men so obsessed with their penis size?]

What are the different types of penises according to women?
Size does matter. Sorry to say it, but there are other factors that need to be considered when women ponder upon penises. Yes, they are as different as the people who own them.


However, there are specific categories that women are aware of. [Read: How much does size matter to a woman?]

1. The really big penis – length > 7 inches, circumference > 6 inches
Any guy can have a huge penis, but some have extremely huge ones that are primarily evident in the folds of their chinos. Women are not really sure if they want a man with a huge penis. Some can’t take the size, while some are reluctant to stretch out their vaginas just to try it.

It may be something a man can be proud of, but that doesn’t mean that everyone wants a piece of it.

2. The micro-penis – length < 3 inches, circumference < 4 inches
This is the really big penis’s slightly less endowed counterpart. More and more men are speaking up about the disadvantages of having a tiny penis. They almost never give G-spot orgasms, and men who have them usually have distressing views on their overall credibility as a man.

They are very aware that they’re not well endowed, so they make up for it through other means, such as sex toys, using their hands, or being a very cunning linguist.

3. The average penis – length 5-6 inches, circumference 5-6 inches
The popular belief is that a man with this type of penis can give about 6-7 orgasms for every 10 times they have sex, but only if it’s paired with a great technique.

Women who have partners with average penises usually don’t complain about the size, but they may not be satisfied with the technique their partner uses.

4. The smaller penis – smaller than her ex’s
No matter how good in bed you are, your partner can never admit that your penis is better than her ex’s because the ex was just that good.

The only way to avoid becoming a person with this type of penis is to never ask about your girlfriend’s ex. [Read: Hot ways you can get better in bed]

5. The unicorn – perfectly proportioned to her vagina

This one is a rare find. It is exactly the penis of a woman’s dreams – if she ever took the time to imagine one. It fits perfectly inside her right down to the curve, and it can always give her a G-spot orgasm.

It’s huge enough to generate waves of pleasure, but not so big that it can choke a girl when she’s going down on you. Any penis can be a unicorn if it finds its female counterpart. [Read: 18 sex tips to make her crave for more]

6. The work of art – requires algebra and calculus to measure
Surprisingly, a lot of men have strangely-shaped and colored penises. Some look like chocolate-dipped hotdogs while some have architectural differences, including angle and shaft-to-head proportion.

Women are slightly apprehensive of penises like these. Unless it looks like a monster out of their nightmares, they will be willing to try it once or twice to see if they like it.

7. The one with technical difficulties
Size and shape won’t matter if the machinery doesn’t work. Women want men who can perform at a moment’s notice. The point of sex is to derive pleasure from each other and reach a climax.

You need to medicate or check with a physician if your penis isn’t doing anything except taking up space in your boxers.

Why penis size and shape matters
We don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble, but size and shape really do matter – if only to a certain extent. Your penis has to be big enough to please a woman. If it’s too big, it can become a problem.

We can’t forget about the shape. Some are thicker than others, and some have a curve that can be good or bad. It all boils down to one thing – compatibility.

It doesn’t matter what your penis looks like so long as it’s compatible with the woman.

What type of penis do women want, and what are the signs of a perfect cock?
Women have a specific set of standards when it comes to choosing the right type of penis to spend the rest of their lives with. Women wonder about it when dating but aren’t exactly interested in inspecting the goods immediately.

But if they did, what would they be checking for? Does the perfect cock really exist?

1. Hygiene
It’s understood that a woman will touch or taste your penis at some point during the relationship. If they smell something funky or see something disturbing down there, they will retreat.

This is a good note for men who have uncircumcised penises or impenetrable bushes. Just remember to wash and trim.

2. Size
Don’t worry about the length of your penis if you’ve got the girth. A penis circumference of 5 inches or more can get a girl off even with a length of 3 or 4 inches. It may not be aesthetically pleasing, but women rarely consider a penis’s appearance if it’s enough to get her off.

3. Appearance

If your penis has a strange appearance, make sure that you warn your girl about it. Some women do not know how to handle surprises. You might end up offended if she had no idea what she was getting into. [Read: Do women ever get penis envy?]

4. Exposure
Women don’t want to see your penis for more than a couple of hours at a time. They have other things to do, and you walking around with your dick out can be distracting.

It also kills the anticipation of your next sexual encounter because the sight of your penis will no longer induce awe.

5. The twins should be trimmed
The balls are the most blatant accessory any man can have. Take care of your boys. Try not to tug on them while masturbating, and always wear the prerequisite support they need, especially when participating in sports.

Women prefer not to touch hairy balls, so don’t forget to trim down there.

6. Average-sized cocks are supposed to be better for long-term commitment
It’s thought that if a guy has an average-sized cock, there is more of a chance for long-term commitment compared to a larger penis, which could just signal a hook-up. This viewpoint varies from woman to woman, of course, but it makes sense when you think about it.

7. Attached to a partner who is trustworthy
Perhaps the most important thing a woman likes about a penis is that it’s attached to someone she can trust and believe in. Really, as long as you’re doing what you can with your appendage, she’s more concerned about your character than anything else.

Penis-related things women don’t actually care about
If you’re worried about having the perfect cock, you should also know what women don’t really care about. Here are a few things many guys worry about, but women just don’t care about.

1. Circumcision
This isn’t a big deal at all. Some people are circumcised and some aren’t. If you keep it clean, it really doesn’t matter if you are or not.

Your member will function the same and please a woman in the best way it can. The foreskin has nothing to do with it. [Read: Sexy things to love about an uncircumcised penis]

2. The size of your balls
Unless there’s a medical reason for your balls to be abnormally large and distracting, women just don’t care. In fact, they don’t even notice.

If you’re worried about your balls throwing off how perfect your cock looks, stop. It doesn’t do anything.

3. The sagginess of your balls
Again, ladies don’t even notice this. Sure, they might catch attention if they’re particularly low-hanging, but that won’t deter a woman who likes you. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to your balls.

How to have the perfect cock for your woman
If you want to know how your cock can be the best for the widest majority of women, pay attention. It won’t take much to get it there. Remember, every woman likes something different.

Do these few things and your penis will be looking great!

1. Keep it clean and fresh
You don’t have to do anything extensive for this. Simply keeping it clean in the shower and trimming it when necessary is all it takes.

If you’ve been sweating excessively and want to get frisky with your lady, hop in the shower for a minute or so just to freshen up.

2. Ask what she likes in terms of hair
This varies from woman to woman. Some don’t care how much hair you have while others would prefer that you remain hair-free.

All you have to do is ask your girl which she likes best. With any luck, she’ll have told you after your first romp in the sheets. Then, you can maintain that level of cleanliness for her.

3. Have confidence in it!
If you’re insecure about your penis, your girlfriend will be, too. Basically, if you’re always worried about it and asking if it’s okay for her, she’ll notice more flaws.

Have some confidence in your equipment. Own it! The more confident you are, the sexier you’ll be to her.

4. Learn how to use it well
Truthfully, a woman isn’t going to care what your penis looks like if you know how to use it well. In order to do this, you’ll have to practice a lot and figure out what she likes in bed.

Don’t just rely solely on your penis to do the work. Do some learning! [Read: Tips for great sex positions if you have a curved penis]

5. Don’t name it

For the love of all that is good in this world, please don’t name it. Doing so is childish and is more likely to result in her not liking it. If you’ve already named it, don’t tell her what it is.

Who knew women had other concerns about penises aside from size, right? The good thing is that knowing these things will help you prepare the woman you’re dating for whatever it is you’re carrying. Just having a neat and clean penis will go a longer way than just having a big appendage to impress the ladies

So, what penis size do women prefer?
All guys are keen to know what penis size a woman prefers, but the truth is that there is no answer to give. Just as some people like full-fat cola and others like diet cola, everyone has a different opinion.

A huge penis seems to be the one thing all guys want, but most woman panic when faced with a huge trouser snake.

Put simply, you have a penis and you can’t change it. All you can do is work out how to use it to the best of your ability. That’s really all she cares about.

The perfect cock? What is perfect, anyway? No matter what size it is or how it looks, you can rest assured that women will be more interested in what you have to offer if you show them your sincerity and kindness.

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