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Embarrassing Dad Moments
He may be the sweetest thing on the planet, but watch out! Daddy may just be the reason behind your most mortifying moment!

Finger Lickin’ Good
Having grown up without a mom, my dad and I were very close; we were like best friends. He wasn’t the normal conservative dad; he was quite cool. Once, my boyfriend came to visit. He and my dad got along pretty well. We were eating chicken for dinner when at one point, my dad told my boyfriend, “You know, when Kai was really young, she’d eat her boogers, and then claim they tasted like chicken!” I swore I could’ve strangled my dad right then and there! —Kai, 19
Weighing Scare!
When I was younger, I used to barge into our bathroom without first checking if there was anyone inside. Once, I wanted to weigh myself using the bathroom scale. When I swung the door open, I saw my dad in his birthday suit! Apparently, he’d just stepped out of the shower. We both had such shocked looks on our faces! Gross! —Naked Truth, 16
Unexpected Visitor
The first time I had my period, I couldn’t figure out which brand of sanitary napkin to use. My mom had an out-of-town business meeting, and since I had no sisters to consult, I just asked my dad to buy me some pads. When he got home from work, he handed me a bag filled with a bundle of white cloth diapers. I asked him what they were for. He told me, “I don’t know what you girls use now, but that’s what my mom used when she had her period!” Argh! Which era is he from anyway? —Cherry, 19
Caught in the Act
My parents insisted I couldn’t have a boyfriend until I reached college. So when I had my first boyfriend at 15, I kept the relationship a secret from them. One time, I told my parents I would spend an afternoon at a friend’s house. It was really an excuse to watch a movie with my sweetie. In the movie house, my boyfriend and I were all cuddled up when suddenly, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and was horrified to see my dad staring grimly at me through the darkness! I didn’t know my parents had planned on going to the movies, too. Needless to say, I was grounded-and single-after that incident. —Still Single, 17
Hula Hoop
My family and I were having lunch with this basketball player, whom they all knew was my big crush. After eating lunch, I went to use the bathroom. As soon as I returned, I noticed my crush grinning at me. Wondering why, I gave him my best pa-cute smile. After we said our goodbyes, I asked my brother if he knew why my crush had that silly, big grin on his face. Turns out my dad told him I really wanted his jersey so I could wear it around. Talk about embarrassing! —Orange, 18
My family and I watched The Nutcracker in CCP. In the middle of the ballet, someone in the crowd began to snore. As the snoring continued, I began hearing disapproving whispers and sssh’s from behind. Peering into the darkness, I tried to look around for the annoying culprit. When the lights went on for the intermission, I found my dad fast asleep in his seat! He was the one!!! We woke him up and teased him non-stop about being “the highlight” of the show. —Jeannette, 15

Officially Missing You
Back then, I was still a high school student in an exclusive school for boys. My dad was really strict and overprotective that he’d even pick me up everyday after school. One day, my friends and I had to shoot a video presentation at a secluded part of the school. It lasted pretty long so when my dad came to pick me up, he found it odd that I wasn’t there. He waited for me for an hour, and then he began to panic. He thought something bad had happened to me! He went to the school office and reported his “missing son.” The school personnel searched the entire school to no avail. He got so worried, he even called up the police! When our video shoot ended, I returned to the parking lot. When my dad saw me, he ran up to me and gave me a really big hug! My high school classmates were laughing at me! I felt like such a big baby. —Richmond, 18
If the shoe falls
I enjoy watching people ice skate at SM Megamall. One Sunday, I was with my dad, and we were watching from three levels up the rink. When Dad told me we had to go, I stepped back from the railing, but my feet suddenly got stuck under the glass panel! Seconds later, my mules fell down to the skating rink! Everyone looked up, wondering where the fallen shoe came from. My very embarrassed dad had to accompany her barefoot daughter down the escalators to the rink just to get her shoe back. —Cinderella, 17
Closed for Comfort
My dad and I were dining at a Chinese restaurant with our family when we both felt the urge to go to the bathroom. When we got there, we realized we couldn’t go at the same time since the men’s room only had one toilet. Seeing that I badly had to go, my dad let me use the men’s toilet first. When I stepped out, he was no longer in line. I went back to our table to look if he was there, but my mom told me he was still in the rest room. I decided to go back to the rest room to check. But the men’s room was already empty, while two women were in line for the ladies’ room. Suddenly, the door to the ladies’ bathroom swung open and out came my dad! I was too embarrassed to look at the ladies’ reactions. —Marc Adrian, 19
Third Party
My parents didn’t know I had a boyfriend. One night, I was on the phone, exchanging mushy lines and sweet nothings with him. I was so kilig, I didn’t notice someone was listening on the extension. I only found out when an angry voice asked, “Anak, what are you doing?” It was my dad! I was so embarrassed, I immediately put down the phone. I couldn’t face my dad the next day! —Steph, 20
Love Track-ed
I picked up my date at her house for my prom. Without my knowledge, my overexcited dad decided to trail us to the prom venue in his own car. I was busy talking to my date while driving that I didn’t notice him. When I got to a stoplight, I was surprised to see my dad’s car beside mine! To my horror, he got down from the car and started knocking on my date’s window. He then proceeded to lecture me about driving too fast. My date and I were too shocked and embarrassed that we spent an uncomfortably silent night! —Rockie, 18
Doctor Love
One day, my crush, who was a med student, came to visit me. When he arrived, he was ushered into the living room. After saying their hellos, my dad then started asking him questions concerning my dad’s health. He also asked for the right prescription. I was starting to get embarrassed with the free consultation, so I felt relieved when my dad finally stood up to leave. Just when I thought it was all over, he returned to the room, and said, “Oh, you know what, I forgot to ask you… I have this ringworm and…” My dad showed it to him at that instant, even asking my crush to touch it so he could give a better diagnosis! I wanted to die right there! —Roxy, 20

 The dad who shouldn’t be allowed to go to the supermarket.
He spent a full three minutes skipping up and down the grain aisle in the supermarket, shopping basket in hand, singing “look at me! I’m frolicking through the flours!”

Submitted by alainaw491c87a22.

 The cat food incident.
Once when I was in high school my dad and I stopped at a convenience store for cat food. A handsome, popular senior at my school was the cashier. My dad said, “now Lauren, don’t eat all this in the car!” then walked out and left me standing there.

Submitted by Lauren Mercadante, Facebook.

The vacation troll.
We were on vacation at a bar and these boys sitting next to me asked where I was from. Before I had the chance the answer my dad shouts from a few bar stools down, “MY LOINS”. Needless to say it didn’t take long for them to leave. Thanks, Dad!

Submitted by Cody Corran, Facebook.

The stink bomb.
Once my dad thought it would be funny to bring a stink bomb to the movies. In the middle of the film he opened it and poured a little behind a group of guys sitting in front of us. He then watched, and laughed as the guys all blamed each other for the stink. My mom refuses to go to the movies with him anymore.

Submitted by Tina Cant, Facebook.

 The dad with no shame.
My dad wore my mom’s short shorts in public thinking that they were his. You wouldn’t believe how many men whistled.


The shoplifter.
My dad and I had just bought a CD from a store in the mall. We went in to another store and for some reason the CD set off the alarm. As we went to leave the store the alarm went off again. My dad looked at me, yelled “run!” and took off down the mall. I was completely mortified.

Submitted by Gwen Miller, Facebook.

The awkward sex ed lesson.
In seventh grade my dad, who is a doctor, taught my school-wide sex ed class. To make matters worse, he brought in an STD picture book. That was the first time I learned what smegma was. Thanks, Dad!

Submitted by Cameron Miguelito Robinson, Facebook.

 The grunting dad.
Once before swimming practice my team was stretching before getting in the pool and my dad started walking around doing push-ups and pull-ups, all while grunting LOUDLY. A few of my teammates started asking who he was, and I was so embarrassed that I pretended I didn’t know him.

Submitted by Venchise Glenn, Facebook.

The awkward wedding dad.
At our wedding reception my dad pulled my husband of eight hours aside in front of all the guests and proceeded to ask him if he knew about birth control. We were high school sweethearts and had been childless since the ninth grade.

The next day we still had quite a few relatives in town so we offered our hotel suite for everyone to meet in after dinner. My dad got to the bedroom and said “so this must be the looovve making bed.” There was not enough alcohol that night to make it OK.

Submitted by allisonw4def01c34.

 The dad who shouldn’t be allowed in sports shops.
I had just joined the volleyball team in seventh grade and my parents took me to get knee pads at a local sports store. As I was taking to an employee my dad walked up with two giant jockstraps and said “I found your knee pads!” I felt like disappearing into the ground.

Submitted by mszoegirl.

 The naked dad.
For some reason my dad likes to walk around our yard in his underwear during the day. During homecoming week my senior year he was outside naked while kids were all over our neighbourhood TP-ing houses. He still doesn’t get why I’m embarrassed.

Submitted by madisons4bce9a159.

. The dad with the genius Halloween costume.
My dad once dressed up in a burgundy jumpsuit, with a bike helmet with handle bars attached to the top of it, and went to a Halloween party as “The Menstrual Cycle”. He handed out tampons.

Submitted by dancesiobhan.


The mooing dad.
My dad likes to moo when we’re in crowded places, including my graduation. Also, he likes to sing “ASPARAGUS, ASPARAGUS” as loud as he can when it’s completely silent.

Submitted by Stephanie Hack.

The volleyball dad.
My dad was a middle school teacher. One day the teachers’ women’s volleyball team was one player down. My dad offered to fill in. The rest of the ladies dressed him in a skirt, stuffed bra, and make-up. I was horrified! I’ll never get the image of my cross-dressing dad out of my head.

Submitted by tizmo.

The peanut-obsessed dad.
This is really random, but there’s this one restaurant our family loves going to that has peanuts on the table to snack on while you wait for your food. My dad likes to find what he calls “three-ers,” a shell that has three peanuts inside. He will do a little song and dance, and will tell passers-by about his fantastic find. It’s gotten so bad that we try to hide any shells that look like they may have three inside.

Submitted bymnm9291.

The zombie dad.
My dad once wore a zombie mask into the kiddie pool of my local water park and got us banned forever.

Submitted by carolinel4a81af710.

 The dad who is a master of wordplay.
One year we were fishing with some friends when my dad ran up holding some bait and YELLED at the top of his lungs, “I AM THE MASTER BAITER!!!” It was mortifying and hilarious, and we all pretty much peed our pants from laughing for an hour straight.

Submitted by gwenbachmann.


The dad who does not care what you think about his clothing choices.
He regularly and unapologetically wears Teva sandals with socks, cargo pants that zip off at the knee, and sunglasses that clip on to your glasses.

Submitted by RVAlaura.

The stripper dad.
My dad was a teacher at my high school. Every year we had an “ugly holiday sweater” contest which my dad decided to participate in my sophomore year. He walked the stage and decided to slowly strip his sweater off to reveal his “natural sweater”, that is, his chest hair, to the whole school. Sadly, this wasn’t a surprising act for me, but everyone loved it.

Submitted by mackenzieh45d821aea.

The dad who ruined prom.
My prom date rang the bell, my dad answered the door in his boxers, yelled “we don’t want any Jehovah’s Witnesses!”, and slammed the door in my date’s face.

Submitted by marycatherineh3.

The dad who doesn’t understand appropriate conversation topics.
After my first date, my dad came to pick me and my date up to drive us home. On the ride home he decided to tell my date about the time a priest at the church we all went to got caught with a shitload of gay porn.

Submitted by IceHexx.