Although the trendiest hair colors for winter 2024 were an exciting array of shades, spring and summer are about to outshine winter’s style. As the weather gets warmer, people tend to reach for lighter colors and when that happens, you’re suddenly faced with a rainbow of tints and tones, and it’s an absolute delight. One of those colors that’s getting a lot of attention is apricot blonde.

“It’s a fun and sexy, yet natural-looking color,” celebrity hair colorist Jenna Perry told Glamour UK. “It’s a lighter, flirtier version of the deeper reds we’ve been seeing in the cold winter months.” While apricot blonde is a fabulous color for all types and textures of hair, where it really shines is on curls. “Curls look great with color [as] it can really make a curl pattern pop and show off the texture,” managing director at Bleach London Salons, Alisha Dobson told Marie Claire UK.

What’s extra great about apricot blonde is that, like the fruit itself, there’s a whole spectrum of peaches, pinks, and golden hues in this particular color, making it a lot of fun to play with and style. If you’re a curly-haired person and ready for something perfect for your spirals, then apricot blonde is the look you want to try this season.


Go heavy on the pink


Let’s be honest: pink hair will never go out of style — and anyone can pull it off. It’s always exciting, bold, and eye-catching. In going heavy on the pink with your apricot blonde color, you add more dimension to the overall shade. It won’t only emphasize your curls, but your haircut too.


Lean more toward tangerine


If you love pink, but it’s not really for you — in other words, maybe your job in corporate America won’t allow it — then take the apricot blonde trend and lean more toward the tangerine end of things. It’s still just as playful and complementary to your curls. It will also make for an easier transition at the end of the summer if you decide you want to darken things up for the colder weather.


Consider highlights


If you don’t have super curly hair, then asking your stylist to focus more on apricot blonde highlights will create a nice depth to the overall color. In fact, wavy hair, especially when it’s on the shorter side, is a great base for apricot blonde to show off just how stunning it really is — especially when the sun hits it.


Go super light


Because we are dealing with a spectrum of apricot shades, you can actually go super light, as in almost completely blonde, but still have a hint of apricot tangled up in your curls. If you want to be the trendiest of the trendy, talk to your stylist about a haircut that can be paired with curtain bangs and you’ll be the epitome of 2024 style.


Opt for money pieces


If you’re iffy about the apricot blonde trend but still want to dip your toes in, then opt for money pieces around your face. “The money piece is a trend that’s here to stay,” celebrity colorist Laura Gibson told Byrdie. “It brightens the face and works with any hair color. It can be soft or bold so it’s customizable for all, and makes any color look more interesting.” Should you realize you’re into the color and want more, then adding statement pieces of color throughout can give your curls a little something extra.