Fate has a way of doing its own thing, that was what I had always believed since I became old enough to know right from wrong.

It was a rainy morning, and I woke up a tad late than I usually did. I looked at the clock beside my bed and realized that I had just thirty minutes to prepare for work. I jumped out of the bed as fast as I could and ran straight into the shower.

In exactly twenty minutes, I was all set for work. I ran out with a black umbrella over my head into my car. I tried starting the damn thing a couple of times, but it would not start. What the problem is, was something I had no idea about. I have to catch the bus, I thought to myself; that was the fastest option.

I left the car in front of my apartment and ran as fast as I could to the next bus stop.

The next bus halted immediately I got there and took off in less than a minute. I got in and sat on an empty seat at the back of the bus.

“Phew.” I heaved a sigh of relief with my eyes shut.

As soon as I opened them, I was shocked to find an extremely attractive man sitting right next to me.

“A rough morning I suppose.” He said with a smile on his face.
His words did not register in my head immediately he spoke them. My brain was too focused on his full lusciousness to understand anything else.

The smell of his perfume filled the air. His suit laid on his body perfectly just as if it was made for him. Not even a strand of his brown shiny hair was way out of plan. His skin was perfectly tanned, and his abs and packs bulged out of his suit slightly. Everything about him screamed seduction. He seduced me effortlessly without even trying.

“Let me guess. The rain was unexpected.” He said again.

“Yeah, yes. It was.” I replied.

“Good morning. I am Jayden.” He introduced himself.

“I am Andrea, but you can call me Andy.”

I was a little shy because I was taken unaware. I was not looking my best that morning too.

“I love your hair. It is pretty .” He complimented me.
I giggled lightly and looked away. Was he trying to mock me? I asked myself.

He slipped a little note into my hand. Before I could look at what it was, he was already out of the bus. I looked outside the window and there he was smiling right at me as he mouthed the words,

“Please call me” to me.

I smiled at him and nodded affirmatively.

In my opinion, he was too good to be true. I would not mind abandoning my car and taking the bus every single morning if it would mean meeting strange handsome men like him. Something about him made me feel like a shy little teenage girl being wooed for the first time.


Certainly, I was going to call him. There were no doubts about that. I folded the note and slid it under my phone’s case. That was the safest place I could think of. My mind was glued to the thoughts of him all day. I could not think of anything else at work. I prayed for hours to run by as fast as possible, and it did.


I held my breath as I lay on my bed late at night, dialing his number.


“Hello.” A sonorous voice replied from the other end.


“Hey. It is Andy.” I reintroduced myself.


“Andy, how are you?” he asked.


There was something about the way he called my name. He called it as though he had intentions of doing things to me, very bad things.


“I’m good,” I replied.


“I am really happy that you called. I would like to see you again if you don’t mind.”


He was very forward, and I liked that.


“I don’t mind.”


“Let’s do dinner tomorrow by six. What do you say?”


“Dinner? Ok. That would work.” I replied calmly, trying so hard to conceal my excitement.


I had just gotten out of a relationship, and I could use a distraction. He was all the distraction I needed. I was not ready or willing to give my heart out just yet, but I need something to take my mind off everything I had been through and was going through at that moment.


I laid in bed silently thinking of what to wear for my date when my eyes shut, letting sleep take over. That night I dreamt about him as I slept, but as soon as I woke up I completely forgot what the dream was about. The only thing I remembered was the fact that the dream was about him.


It was a Saturday, and I had nothing to do in the office. I was done with work for the week. I went grocery shopping just like I did every other Saturday. By the time I got back, it was already noon. The thought of going out with Jayden crossed my mind once again and a smile followed it.

As soon as I opened my wardrobe a black dress was in the middle calling for me; that was the first dress my eyes caught anyways.

It was a gift that I had never worn, and the best thing was that it was a size eight, a perfect fit for me. I threw it on the bed. I decided to match a nude heel and a nude purse. It would be a perfect match, I thought to myself.

For lingerie, I picked red pants and a red bra. Who knows? Things might escalate quickly, I thought.

I played my favorite R&B songs as I got ready for my date. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. For a man like Jayden, his standards and expectations must be really high. I really wanted a good time, and a good fuck at the end of it. I had no idea of how the latter was going to happen, I was just hopeful.


At 5:50 pm I was all set, waiting for my ride to arrive. I could not drive myself because my car wouldn’t start still. In less than two minutes, my ride was outside waiting for me. I looked at myself in the mirror one more time before stepping out, and I was more than impressed. The dress held my body tightly, revealing all the curves of my body. Instantly my anxiety and my nerves disappeared.


The restaurant we picked was not so far from my house. In exactly ten minutes, I was there. As soon as I got in, all eyes were glued to me, but the only one I cared about was his. He did not take them off me until I got to the table he was.


“You look extremely beautiful.” He said looking straight into my eyes.


“Thank you.” I said, smiling coyly.


He was in a maroon suit. He was not overly dressed or too formal. He looked perfect for the occasion.


“What do you do?” I asked him as soon as we started eating.


“I am into stock marketing.” He replied.


I was not too surprised, because he looked the part.


“And you?” He asked.


“I work in a law firm.”


“Wow! That’s really good.”


We engaged in small talks as we ate. The evening was unraveling just as I had imagined it. By the time we finished eating, the day was already dark.


“Do you have anything else planned out for the evening?” He asked just as I was about to leave.


“No, not at all.” I replied.


“What do you say we try out this new club? It is not too far from here” he suggested.


“Okay. We could try.” I replied.


I was all about going with the flow.


In less than a minute, we were standing before a Porsche Cayenne, and it was his. That would be my first time in that sort of car. He opened the door for me, and I stepped in like the princess he was making me feel like.


I saw the way he looked at my curves and my cleavage at regular intervals. I would have found it offensive if it was someone else, but I did not. I loved it on the contrary. I could feel his eyes piercing through me, they were screaming desire.


The next thing I remember after entering his car was the two of us standing side by side in a room with flickering red, blue, and green lights. The dance hall was almost empty when we got into the club, it was still a little early for the kind of enthusiastic dancing I had expected to see.


“What would you drink?” He asked.


“Vodka.” I replied.


“Ou! You are starting strong.” He joked.


We sat in front of the bartender talking and laughing while drinking, allowing time to pass us by. The dance floor was filled up the next time I looked at it. The height of the music intensified too.


“Wanna dance?” He asked.


“No. I was just checking.” I replied.


“Checking what exactly? Come on, I know you want to, don’t be shy.” He teased me.


He stood up from where he sat, took my hand and pulled me off my seat. A giggle followed immediately I got off my seat, an awkward giggle. The first few steps we took together were weird and not properly calculated. As the music and the alcohol settled in, my body began to move more freely, and so did my mind.


I put my arms on his shoulders, and he placed his arms around my waist. I moved closer to him, letting him have a feel of my body as we danced. I removed my hands from his shoulders and turned around.

I rubbed my ass on his groin area, rocking him and twerking on him slowly and sensually. Instantly, I could feel his dick hardening. His hardness poked my ass. I kept grinding on him, there was no going back now.

He began to gain a little confidence. His hands gradually traveled from my waist to my ass. He spanked and squeezed my ass lightly as we dance. Slowly, he moved his hands from my ass to my belly button, then my nipples. He rubbed on them gently before grabbing my breast. One hand was squeezing them, while the other hand was rubbing my ass. I was moaning, but no one could hear me. The music was too loud, and everyone else on the dance floor was too busy doing their own thing to notice anything.


I stood up on my feet, but that did not stop him. He had already come too far to stop himself, and I on the other hand did not want him to stop. His cock was still as hard as a rock. I kissed him passionately, he kissed me back. I could not believe I was making out in such a public place and not a single soul cared. It was like watching one of those erotic movies, but this was no movie. It was happening to me.

He slid his hand into my gown. I spread my legs open lightly, giving him room to do whatever he wanted.

He shifted my thong aside and slid one of his fingers into my wet pussy, stroking it. We were going a little overboard when he whispered into my ears.


“Do you want to go somewhere else?” He asked me.


I nodded affirmatively and followed him. He grabbed my hand and led the way. In less than two minutes, we were in the backseat of his car. There was no room for talking. We let our bodies do all the talking necessary. He kissed me hungrily. It was almost as if he had been waiting his whole life to do that.


He kissed my neck, biting it lightly as he traced his way down to my boobs. He nibbled at my nipples, biting them gently. Then, he took my breast in his mouth, suckling on it. A light moan began to escape from my lips. It blended perfectly with the pace at which his lips moved.

He came down to my belly button, licking it. His final stop was my wet pussy. He took it in his mouth, sucking every wetness he found on it, as though it was his favorite fruit.

The more he ate my pussy, the more my leg quivered. While he ate my pussy, he squeezed my nipples with his free hand. He slid his middle finger in my wetness, stroking it whiles he ate me out. He was driving me crazy. The pleasure was too much for my body to handle.


He had given me too much pleasure. I pushed his head away from my pussy, parked my hair up and knelt before him. I zipped his pants and took them off him. His dick stood hard and firm in my face. I licked the tips and bit it lightly before I took the entire length inside my mouth, sucking it. I mostly choked on it, because it was really big, the biggest I had ever had to handle. It was nine inches long and thick.


He held me by my hair and pulled my mouth out of his dick. He turned me around in a doggy position. Before I could understand what he was trying to do, his entire length was already in my pussy. I gasped, covered my mouth with the back of my hand and screamed.


“Ah! Yeah! Your pussy is so tight and wet.” Those were the words he was groaning while he fucked me.


He sent thunderous strokes into my wetness, fucking me in a particular rhythm.

He snatched my hand away from my mouth and tied my both hands behind me while he stroked me from behind. I could not take it anymore.

I exploded in a squirt, almost wetting the whole place, but he was not done with me just yet.


He loosened my hand and slid his dick out of me. He sat on the seat, lifted me and placed me on top of him. That only meant one thing; it was my turn to do the work. I placed my legs on the seat, squatted on him and gave him the fucking of his life. He grimaced and groaned as I rode him.

He tried to move me, but I did not let him. I gave him a taste of what he had just given me.

I kept riding on him like the cowgirl I was supposed to be. I noticed he was about to cum so I increased the movement of my pussy on his cock. After seven more fast strokes, I came out of him, and wrapped my mouth around his dick, sucking all the cum in.


We just sat there, breathing like we had just ran a marathon afterward.