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12 Women Reveal Their Craziest Period Sex Stories
“Nothing was going to stop him from giving me the big O.”

1. “With my new, loving boyfriend, I was nervous to have the period sex talk. But once he saw the period blood, it for some reason turned him on and we had the best lubricated sex ever! Afterward, we realized we forgot to put a towel down and it left a giant bloodstain on my bed. We changed the sheets and the bed seemed as good as new. Months later, my boyfriend and my parents were helping me move out of my apartment, and when it came to moving my mattress, I completely forgot the bloodstain had seeped down to my crappy mattress. My mother hollered in horror while my boyfriend turned beet red. After pointing it out rather loudly to my father, I panicked and exclaimed it was an old period stain. They finally stopped laughing and loaded the mattress, and I realized that period sex is fun but messy.” —Melissa, 21

2. “I was going through a bad breakup, and I just wanted to have a random hookup. My friend introduced me to this guy, I went over to his house, and things started getting hot and heavy, [and] he decided to go down on me. While he was down there, I started my period. Blood everywhere: sheets, his face — it was mortifying. This was the first time we ever hung out, and I had to buy him new sheets. But he was a trooper about it; he just went and brushed his teeth. He became a great friend with benefits. Nothing could have been more awkward than that.” —Kayla, 19

3. “My boyfriend has always been OK with period sex, to the point that I sometimes forget to tell him. Well, a few months ago, in the heat of the moment, we started getting into it, and I realized I had forgotten to take out my tampon! He hadn’t felt it either, and it got lodged, waaaaay up there. It took an hour, a flashlight, and a call to my obstetrician mother to locate it.” —Miranda, 19


4. “I hooked up with this guy I met through friends one night at the bar. I went home with him and we went to his backyard where there was a huge boat. It was really dark, but we had sex on the boat. The next morning, back at home, I woke with a hangover and realized that I had gotten my period. I just assumed it happened at home, but I soon learned that wasn’t the case. Turns out the boat I was on belonged to the guy’s father and they had a planned fishing trip the next day. When his father went out to get the boat ready, he found blood all over. Needless to say he panicked and went to wake everyone up and check on them. The guy figured it out when his father woke him and he saw himself and his clothes (which he had slept in). I was mortified when he called me. I was too drunk to realize, and he thought I was just really wet. I assumed he would never speak to me again. I didn’t exactly want to see him again. But despite having to explain to his father and having to clean the boat, he still called me. We hooked up up a few more times — in a bed, not on a boat.” —Lisa, 37


5. “I was a few months into a FWB situation with a guy who I’d known a while. We went out one night, had a few drinks, and after, he asked me if I wanted to go back to his place. I almost said no, but I was two days post-period and thought everything would be fine. I got over there and saw he had an entire new set of bedding — we’re talking amazingly soft sheets, new pillows, big fluffy new duvet … All stark white. Of course. We had a fun night, everything was great, and I was feeling especially fantastic with how things were progressing, and in the morning, I woke up first to head to work. I rolled over in his bed and saw a red speck on the duvet, so I scooted over to check it out and found a scene that can only be described as if a small animal had been murdered in his bed. There. Was. Blood. Everywhere. On his sheets, pillowcases, blankets, everything. I freaked. He must have felt me rustling around the bed because he woke up to ask me what was wrong and I begged him to lie there and keep his eyes closed. I was beyond mortified and had no idea what to do because I was already late for work. He asked again if I was OK and, at my request, kept his eyes closed and back to me as I said, “Uhhh, I thought my period was over, but apparently it wasn’t.” He immediately said not to worry about it, it was fine, and I assured him it was not fine. He told me to not be late for work and that he would take care of it. I was so mortified that I just grabbed my stuff and left as fast as possible. Later, I called him, tried to buy him new bedding or pay for everything to get dry-cleaned, but he refused my help, and said it was no big deal and just a part of life. It took me a solid month before I’d go over again and he had bought all new bedding. We aren’t still FWB, but we are still friends. Neither of us has ever mentioned the incident ever again.” —Sydney, 26

6. “I get really horny when I’m on my period so I always have sex with my boyfriend anyway. I just wouldn’t tell him, and I would always just act surprised. One time we were doing it in the backseat of his car and I didn’t realize, but it got everywhere and stained his car seats. The stains are still there. I regret nothing.” —Nicole, 19

7. “My period was due in the morning, and my boyfriend was spending the night. I woke up in the morning and it still hadn’t come, so we started going at it. My period came in the middle of sex, and when he looked at the condom, it was the awkward beginning and thick flow. He took one look and said that it reminded him of gravy and said it was fun while it lasted. He took off the condom, and we just took a shower instead.” —Kathy, 22

8. “I was having amazingly great sex with my boyfriend at the time. I hadn’t noticed a difference in terms of pain or anything. By the end of it, my ex asked me if what he saw was blood or if he was crazy. I went to the bathroom and found out he basically had induced my period.” —Alexis, 18


9. “I was hooking up with my boyfriend at the time. My period had ended three days earlier so I thought we were in the clear. He started going down on me, and after a minute, he stopped and looked up at me and said he had a weird taste in his mouth. He had blood on his lip. I’ve never seen someone run so fast to go brush their teeth.” —Kate, 23

10. “My now-ex and I had sex while on my period and he pulled out and along came a streak of blood. We had a good laugh, called me “streak” for a while.” —LJJ, 26

11. “I was arguing with my fuck buddy because of the horrible day-two mood swings. Finally he told me to meet him at an old firehouse to “talk.” I pulled up, got in the car, and before I knew it, I was in the backseat sucking face like my life depended on it. Then I remembered it was day two and car sex was not an option. He was completely unfazed by the thought of a mess and proceeded to turn me on like crazy. Finally I relaxed and the panties came off. Before I could even protest, he pulled out my tampon and threw it out the window! We then proceed to have the dirtiest makeup sex of my life. When we were done, it looked like we had murdered a small animal. We cleaned up as best we could and managed to not stain the seats. Although this was slightly disturbing, it was totally sexy how nothing was going to stop him from giving me the big O.” —Alyssa, 18

12. “I was super horny one night my freshman year of college, and I started hooking up with a friend of a friend at a party. I took him back to my dorm and told him I’d be right back. After running to the bathroom, I remembered I had my period, so I took my tampon out and returned to my bedroom and decided not to tell the kid what was going on down there, as I was pretty desperate for some P-in-V action that night. He found out eventually as he was fingering me and proceeded to wipe his hand down my wall. In the morning, when my floor friends came in to talk, they looked at me horrified when they saw the bloody handprint the guy had made … And instantly knew what had happened.” —Sarah, 21