Great Quotes : 50 Intriguing Psychological Facts About Women!

Men are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. John Gray got it exactly down pat.

While men find it challenging to decipher the behavior of women, women, on the other hand, find men a mystery. Both men and women feel that the other is hard to understand.

In a relationship, this communication gap may lead to confusion and misunderstandings. As a woman, you may think that a bit of inside information can help in knowing the person you are in love with.

Some feel that men are less complicated beings than women and so easier to understand. This may be true if you have the basics right. You need to know some fundamental psychological facts about men to interpret their behavior correctly.

Do you want to know how men think? Or what gets them excited or what makes them angry? This article lists 50 psychological facts about men in love. Once you are familiar with these guys facts, you will find it easier to read their minds and anticipate their reactions accurately.

50 psychological facts about men in love
How do men act when falling in love?

When you fall in love with a guy, you are focusing more on your own feelings, thoughts, and behavior. You may search for clues in the behavior of your man to figure out whether he is reciprocating your love. Have you ever tried to understand how a man perceives love?

The psychology signs listed below are all related to the mindset of a man when he is in love. More often than not, their feelings and reactions are conditioned by societal norms. They tend to go by what is expected of them rather than what they really feel. This makes it easier to understand and predict a man’s reactions when he is in love.

1. Men fall head over heels in love.
To him, passionate love is like an addiction. Once he decides that he loves you, he surrenders his heart to you. There is no halfway with men.

This may end up with him getting obsessed with his love for you. He will wear his heart on his sleeve. He will proclaim his true love for you to the world unabashedly.

2. Men are not so great with words.
Especially when they are in love. They can rarely find the right words to express their feelings for you.

Often their romantic love for you will come out as actions, though they never shy away from displaying their love for you. When men show love, women speak love.

3. You become the center of their Universe.
Men get so addicted to love and you that they tend to ignore the rest of the world. They neglect their friendships and other commitments to devote their entire attention and time to you.

To you, as a woman, this can be an overwhelming experience, especially when you are experiencing it for the first time.

4. Men can get “high” on romantic love.
As they obsess over you and devote their entire energy, time, and focus on the relationship, men experience a sensation similar to addiction to drugs.

There is some scientific truth about this as well. When you are in love, your brain produces amphetamine, the chemical associated with substance addiction. It is linked to a joyous outlook, excitement, and raised energy levels.

5. Men are on cloud nine when they are in love.
At least in the initial stages, this is true.

As dopamine production goes up in the brain, they experience a sense of total bliss, similar to euphoria. They notice only the wonderful happenings in their surroundings. The world seems beautiful.

This feeling also has a physical aspect. Racing hearts and sweaty palms are direct consequences of this euphoric sensation.

6. When a man falls in love, his sense of judgment goes for a toss.
Romantic love can make people do weird things. The normally sensible and logical people can do or say bizarre stuff when they are in love. They say this is love taking hold.

One of the most common consequences in men of falling in love is a loss of judgment. They act out of character which is easily noticeable.

7. He no longer is bothered about what others think.
This is something that dictates our behavior all through our adult lives. We fear to stray too far away from societal norms for fear of being branded as a weirdo.

However, love will subdue that fear in a man. He will throw caution to the winds. He is in love and that is all that matters to him now. Whether openly declaring his love for you or a public display of affection, he never shies away from any of them.

8. His mind is full of happy and positive memories.
In the early days of a relationship, all he can see and experience is joy, excitement, and optimism.

The “love hormone” oxytocin has a major role to play in this turn of events. Love triggers the secretion of oxytocin that helps with the mood and formation of memories to cherish forever.

This is also true for a person who has had bitter relationships in the past. For the time being, all that is forgotten and the new love reigns supreme.

9. Men begin to use the word “we” more.
This change is simple enough to detect if you pay attention.

Both men and women, when they are single, tend to use “I” a lot in their conversations. However, as men get serious about their relationships, without even realizing it, they start using “we” and “us” more often. Even when making plans for his own future, he will include his partner in it.

10. Men find it hard to stay angry for long.
He is indeed madly in love with you. But this doesn’t mean there are no debates or conflicts.

Even when he disagrees with you, he finds it difficult to stay mad at you. Even when he argues convincingly, there is no anger or ruthlessness in it. He just wants to help you see his way of thinking. Nothing more than that. And, he doesn’t carry the conflict any longer than needed. Once the issue is resolved, he is back to his sweet old ways.

11. Men are possessive of the women they love.
This is a typical trait of a man. When they love a person, they want the person to love them back with equal intensity and be loyal to them.

Probably this is embedded in human genes. The need to safeguard the mate and be jealous of anyone trying to take them away are considered natural behavior. Even if you are yet to commit to the relationship, he will still feel possessive about you.

The threat, real or perceived, need not be from another suitor. Anything that keeps you away from him is treated as a potential threat.

12. There is more to love than sex.
There is a misconception regarding men and sex. That all they think about all day is sex. This cannot be further from the truth.

Of course, sex is an important part of the relationship but it is not everything for a man. Guys do have a strong sex drive and do look forward to sex. But for him being with you and making you happy takes precedence over his own wants and desires. They find kissing and cuddling as much or even more enjoyable.

13. Men display their kind and giving nature.
It is not that men are not kind or compassionate otherwise. But these are usually perceived in society as a woman’s forte.

However, when in love, the gentle side of a man comes to the fore. They will be nice, caring, and empathetic. They seem to be aware of the fact that their behavior will impact their partner and the relationship.

14. Men take on the stereotypical role of protector and provider.
In this time and age, this may sound outdated but societal conditioning is something hard to shake off.

Despite the advances made by society, men are still looked upon as protectors and providers. So, when a man falls in love and is in a relationship, he will feel compelled to protect the woman he loves and provide for her. He may begin to view his job with more seriousness.

15. Some men take a guarded approach to love.
While most men throw caution to the wind and love without care or abandon, some men take a cautious approach.

Maybe it is their previous experiences in love and relationships or their upbringing, but these men refuse to discard the protective armor that guards them against getting hurt. The feeling of vulnerability of such men is often interpreted as disinterest.

16. Some men prioritize the needs of the woman they love.
This is not how a man is conditioned to behave.

While women tend to put the needs of others before theirs, a man’s world usually revolves around himself. However, when he falls in love, this attitude changes. He will try to carve out space for the woman they love and fit them into their lives. They place their partner’s needs before theirs.

17. Men are known to fall in love faster than women.
Society dictates that men take the lead in a relationship. This means when men find a woman attractive, they don’t think too much. Instead, they jump right into the relationship without second thoughts.

On the other hand, women usually weigh benefits against drawbacks and do the math before falling in love. This is a generalization and may not be true for everyone.

18. Men feel pain and trauma deeply.
Both physical and emotional pains. But they do such a good job of masking it that the general impression they give the world is right the opposite. That they are tough guys.

Men are believed to experience physical pain with greater intensity than women. Grief, trauma, despair, and heartbreaks are felt more by men. Especially, when they see someone they love in agony, their heart melts. However, societal norms demand that men put up a tough exterior. Also, they need to play the role of superhero!

19. Love seems to dull the sensation of pain in men.
When you are in love, your brain produces a range of hormones that can impair your normal sensations.

Your sense of fear, logic, and judgment gets dulled. Your level of tolerance to pain goes up a few notches. In fact, some studies have found that love can bring down your pain by half. The sensation of love obliterates the intensity of other sensations, both good and bad ones.

20. Men tend to lose their appetite when in love.
Men are usually fond of food. But love can change all that in the blink of an eye.

The love hormone, oxytocin, is an appetite killer. As the feeling of love takes control of his mind, he will no longer be interested in what he eats. If you pay attention, you will find him picking on his food.

Besides the scientific explanation, there is also another reason for this. When he is consumed by love and his focus shifts to the women he loves, the exalted status that food enjoyed in his life loses its position.

21. Love can help men get over their real addictions.
Such as smoking, drinking, and even substance abuse.

Love itself will help them get high without using any of these external stimulants. And it gives them the confidence and willpower to overcome their addictions. No wonder they say that love can conquer all. It is powerful enough to conquer addictions.

22. When in love, the world seems to fade away.
Men fall deeper and harder in love than women. They get so immersed and carried away in love that the rest of the world will just disappear.

All they can see is you and all they can feel is love. Again, the good old love hormone oxytocin has a role to play in this saga. Men are hardwired to behave this way to help relationships happen.

23. As the relationship progresses, there will be a marked shift in behavior.
When men fall in love, they will experience all accompanying sensations to the utmost. Happiness, excitement, passion, and contentment are absolute.

However, this won’t remain at the same level for long. After the initial euphoria, men tend to settle down in a relationship to more comfortable levels of intimacy.

24. Men tend to love women who admire them.
This is one thing most men want from their partners. Unless they get respect and admiration, the relationship is a no-go.

Men love it when the woman they love looks up to them, be it for advice, protection, or security. Again, societal conditioning has a lot to do with this. Some men love it when the women in their lives cling to them to satisfy their needs.

25. Men tend to show their competitiveness when in love.
In fact, being competitive is an integral part of a man. He displays the same competitive spirit when in love as well.

The caveman mentality kicks in for men. Men feel the need to compete with other men to win over the best woman. Also, men feel compelled to gain upper hand in the relationship.

26. Men are jealous of the woman they love.
This is a strange one. Something that a woman would find difficult to understand.

You are madly in love with each other and have a highly intimate relationship. However, your partner can be jealous of you because they want more from you and the relationship. Men are always afraid of being abandoned and left alone. They will do anything to keep the relationship.

27. Men try to don the role of a hero.
Or a superhero. He wants you to look up to him with wide-eyed admiration. The hero instinct in men will make them do strange things.

He expects you to go to him whenever you are faced with a problem. So that it will give him a chance to step up to the plate and rescue you. This will give him the satisfaction of being a hero for you. Being your everyday hero means a lot to him.

Hero Instinct Phrases are designed to trigger a deep, instinctual desire in a man to protect and provide for you. They are based on the psychology of attraction and work by tapping into a man’s natural instincts.

28. Men try hard to impress the woman they love.
He understands the importance of appearances and first impressions. He knows that this is key to success in his love life.

The usual carefree guy will be conscious of how he looks or behaves when a woman starts paying attention to him. He gets overly concerned about his clothes, grooming, hygiene, and manners. He feels a bit apprehensive and guarded about what he says lest he offends the lady. He knows that a person who doesn’t know him well can easily be offended by the way he expresses his views.

To avoid offending the woman he loves, he will try to learn better manners.

29. Men give importance to physical touch.
Love = Physical Intimacy for men. That is how they are hardwired.

The moment the realization comes to him that he is in love with you, he could sense the urge deep down inside him to get close to you in the physical sense. This is often misconstrued as sexual overdrive.

He loves to be near you, touching and brushing against you. If you are also agreeable, he will be more than happy to have sex with you. You need to understand that it is not sex that is all-important to him. It is the fact that he is with you all the time.

The easiest way to make him happy is to indulge in the more physical aspect of the relationship.

30. Men try hard to understand the woman they love.
They know that men and women are from two different planets. And that it is hard for a man to understand the mind of a woman.

The way they think, feel, behave, act and react to the world outside is so different that at times he will wonder whether he is in a relationship with a human being or an alien. But to give credit where it is due, men take the extra effort to understand the workings of a woman’s mind, especially the one he is at present with.

As a woman, all you need to do is help him understand you better. When he looks clueless about your excitement, angry outbursts, or torrential tears, just remember to help him out. To his credit, he is a fast learner.

31. Men tend to mirror your behavior and actions.
The same is true for women as well. When you are in a relationship with someone vastly different from you, you try to bridge the gap by mimicking them.

He is unsure of your likes and dislikes. He is apprehensive that you may not like his choices. To be on the safe side, he copies your choices, actions, mannerisms, and ways of expression. This way, he feels, he cannot go wrong.

Men do this without them realizing it. This is an in-built mechanism in human beings to avoid conflict and to get along with others.

32. Men open up to the woman they love.
He may be a reserved and reticent person to the rest of the world. But to the person he loves, he is an open book.

Men are ready to reveal their true selves to their partners to ensure a good relationship. This may not happen in one go right on day one. They let down their guard bit by bit over the initial days of the relationship. As they gain more confidence, they will be ready to reveal their vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

33. He is always at your beck and call.
It may seem to you that he was waiting for your call all this while. That may be true or just your imagination at work.

But he indeed makes sure that he is available whenever you want him or reaches out to him. This is especially true when you want help. He will drop everything he is doing, no matter how important it is, and rush to your aid.

He wants to be your knight in shining armor. Your protector and savior. Moreover, he is happy that being with you is the ultimate prize he gets for his effort.

34. He holds you in high regard.
Respect is something that is most important in a relationship. Without it, the relationship will be hard to sustain for long.

Passionate love without respect is merely obsession. True love includes mutual respect. Men show their respect for the women they love in many ways. He will ask your opinion before making decisions and plans. You will have an equal say in everything you do together. He respects your “no” and knows when to stop.

35. He accords you the top priority.
Your position is high up on his priority list. Whether spending time with you or accommodating your wishes, he will try his best to make it happen.

Just showering his attention and affection on you is not what passionate love is all about. It is all about taking the effort to understand you and adapting to include you in his love life. But don’t expect him to cater to all your demands or run to you every single time you call him. You also need to respect his individuality and freedom. This works both ways.

36. It is mostly love at first sight for men.
Men don’t take too much time to fall in love. The attraction for them is instantaneous.

While women are more logical and analytical about love, it may take them longer to confirm their love and decide whether they want to pursue the relationship. Men are more simple creatures. Their minds are less complicated and they arrive at decisions much faster and easier.

Maybe women are more cautious because the consequences of a bad relationship are worse for them. Men are always looking for partners when they are single and any woman they meet is treated as a potential partner. As long as they pass the initial test, it is on as far as men are concerned.

37. He is enamored by your beauty and looks.
This is a crucial aspect for a man to fall in love. Attractiveness and appearance. As long as you pass the test, the relationship is on.

Appearance is something that catches the eye of a man fast. Only after he gets to know you well, will he begin to appreciate your personality, intelligence, or compatibility. By looks, you don’t need to be Miss Universe to impress him. You just need to meet his beauty standards and his expectations for a partner.

Once you pass the test, there is no need for you to worry about your looks. You are already in and now, it is your behavior that decides the future of the relationship.

38. Men notice how you turn up for the date.
Have you put in extra effort to look more attractive? Had any beauty treatments of late? Wearing a new dress? He would be the first one to note.

Red is one color that catches his eyes easily. He finds it sexually attractive when you are wearing red. He assumes that you are wearing red to garner his attention. If you want him to notice you or keep his attention on you, the simple tactic is to wear a red dress.

39. Men are overwhelmed by love.
When he falls in love, he would be willing to ignore your shortcomings to a large extent. He may even see your flaws as your assets. Passionate love can dazzle the strongest of men.

This may leave you wondering why. You are hypercritical about your flaws and feel genuinely surprised that he is overlooking or ignoring them. Men are indeed blinded by love.

He will see your adamant behavior as determination or your moles or freckles as beauty enhancements. As a woman, you just need to understand that when a man falls in love with you, he falls in love with you as a whole, including what you consider as your misfortunes.

40. Love can work wonders with a man.
It is not easy for a man to change his set ways. If anything can help him change, it is love.

When a man falls in love, he wants to be the best person he can be for the woman he loves. He will be willing to make the changes to help his case and make the woman return his affection. He may already be aware of his shortcomings, but never had the initiative to change for the better.

The arrival of love can make a huge difference. He would be searching for ways to turn up better and make a good impression on the woman he loves.

41. Men tend to go slack on work when they are in love.
In a way this is understandable. After all, a day has only 24 hours. He can only do so much.

When they are in love, men tend to have their thoughts completely occupied with the person they love. As their entire focus is on the person they love, their work is bound to suffer. Either they will make mistakes and do a shoddy job or they completely ignore the job and leave it unfinished.

It would be unfair to blame the man for being so distracted by love.

42. Men are more demonstrative than relying on words.
This is especially true when a man is neck-deep in love. Men are generally not very good with words to express their feelings and emotions. However, they never fail to reveal what they are feeling through gestures and actions. It is hard to find a man who will tell you how much they love you. However, they are great with flowers and gifts.

Some men even find gestures hard to do in public. They are conditioned by societal norms to internalize and not to show their feelings to the world. Such men tend to show their love through minor, everyday gestures. Such as cooking for you or making your life easier.


43. Men are stressed out when they are in love.
This is understandable to a large extent. He is like a fish out of water. He is traveling in uncharted territories. This is an unusual experience for him.

He is unsure of what is expected of him. He doesn’t know whether he is doing things right or wrong. Is he dressed right? Did he say something incorrect? All these can stress him out.

There is also a scientific explanation. When a man is in love, the brain secretes among other hormones, the one inducing stress – cortisol.

44. Men tend to value the compliments you give them.
Men, whether in love or not, love to be appreciated. He has an amazing memory to store all the compliments coming his way. This can be explained as their need for attention.

Most men can differentiate between genuine and made-up compliments. As long as he feels that the compliments you gave him are genuine, he will store them away in his memory for posterity. Appreciation and compliments are all the more valuable to him when it is coming from the person he loves.

45. Men make up their minds about marriage right at the beginning.
Women tend to test the waters and take their own sweet time to arrive at this point. But men are really quick decision-makers. They know deep inside their hearts whether they want to settle down with you or not.

However, he may not make this known to you immediately. Sometimes, even he may not be aware of how he feels about you. Whether he is ready to propose or not, he will need a few months of togetherness to finally make up his mind and gather enough courage to reveal it to you.


46. Men are inclined to choose a woman similar to their mothers
Of course, his mother is the first woman he got to know up close. Whether they want to admit it or not, all men are in awe of their mothers and love and admire them very much. So when it comes to choosing a life partner, they go with what is already known to them.

This may seem very strange from a woman’s perspective. A man tends to stick with what is familiar to him. A simple enough reason for him to choose someone like his mother. This is true even when he is not on good terms with his parents, specifically his mother.

47. Men have a hard time dealing with breakups.
Just as easily as they fall in love, their heart is shattered when the romantic relationship ends up in a disaster. Though this is a sad truth, it cannot be avoided.

Because of the tough exterior they display for the sake of the world, it is a general misconception that they are not affected when relationships go downhill. That men change partners like clothes. You cannot be further from the truth.

Multiple studies have proved that men take longer to recover from breakups than women. The healing is a slower process for them.

48. Men change their outlook and ideals to synchronize with yours.
As the romantic relationship goes ahead and you are together for some time, you both will make concessions to adjust to each other’s personalities.


Though this may sound strange, men do more of this adjustment than women. Men tend to pick up more habits and mannerisms from women to synchronize their outlooks. You may find it as a form of compliment that he is adopting your ways but for the health of the relationship, it is ideal that he maintains his individuality.

49. Men usually won’t keep you waiting.
Unlike the general perception of them, men are considerate about how others perceive them, especially the women they love.

Be it about making up their minds about the relationship or making joint decisions about their future, men are always considerate to a fault. When you ask for help or send him an SOS, he is quick to respond.

All the kindness and compassion in a man comes from a genuine place. He really means what he says or does. One thing he won’t do is to keep you hanging. He will let you know what he feels about you and where you stand with him and the relationship.

50. Men are more than happy to wait for the woman to come around.
When a man makes up his mind that he loves you, he will go to the end of the world to make the relationship work. Even when the woman he loves is not yet convinced, he will wait.

To a man, the relationship is not something to fool around with. When he surrenders his heart to a woman, he does it with all the intention of making it last a lifetime. He will use every trick he knows to convince the woman that he is the right one for her.


Man will chase, pursue, court, and woo to win over the heart of his lady love. He considers this worth the effort and trouble. And, finally, when he finds acceptance, you can’t blame him for feeling over the moon about it.

Bottom line
Some of the psychology facts about men mentioned above are stereotypes promoted by society. Often societal norms dictate that men take the initiative and upper hand in a relationship. A man is always supposed to be in the driver’s seat.

This perspective is so outdated in this modern world but in the world of relationships, it still persists. Of course, there are exceptions to this. There are healthy and successful relationships in which women take the lead.

It would be unfair to place all the blame at the doorstep of society for male domination. At times, it is also due to how we are built physically and how we are wired mentally.

This is an exhaustive list of psychological facts about a man in love. If you are confused about the intentions of a guy you are in love with, you can consider them as a checklist of signs. If the guy displays any of the traits given above, you can feel assured that he is indeed in love with you.