There are some crazy women out there, and they give us a bad name. In fact, I believe ladies like these are the main reason we are all considered crazy females. However, after reading these 23 stories…well, let’s just say I would not want to meet these women. Take a look!

23 Guys Share Creepy Stories About the Most Lunatic Women They Ever Met

1. He is oddly calm about the whole thing
Years and years back I worked in a call center and was friends with this girl. Didn’t think anything of it until she propositioned me to have sex with her. While I was flattered I told her I was dating someone else and I was not going to cheat.

Forward to a few days later I go into work and get pulled into HR, turns out she’s now filed a sexual harassment claim against me. She worked in one area away from me but they decided I needed an assigned seat beside my supervisor so that we would have no interaction period. I was fine with that until her friends started sitting not far from me, usually right in front of my field of view and she’d come over and sit and talk to them antagonizing the situation. My boss saw what was going on and brought it up to HR she was pushing the situation but it was her words not mine or my boss.

Few more weeks of me being watched like a hawk go by and I go into work only to find security and my boss waiting for me. Apparently she felt that me looking in her general direction was harassment enough so she filed another claim, this time saying I’ve been sending explicit messages and emails to her. This time my boss fought for me but I got sent home, walked out infront of the entire call center surrounded by security. I remember writing an email to HR and management that night stating I had absolutely zero contact with her since the night she propositioned me and offered my computer, a lie detector, anything to prove my innocence as long as they would question her.

Well.. They apparently brought that to her and she ends up confessing that she made the whole thing up and that she did that to another employee and got them fired because they turned her down. They let her keep her job, in fact gave her a fat severance package a few months later. I got stuck in the same punished seat, being threatened that if I told any coworker what happened I’d be fired.

I left a few weeks after that, but she had ruined my reputation, in that line of work I couldn’t find a job for anything for a while. Few years down the line she spots me on a dating app and tried to hit me up. To this day I still don’t get it.

2. He got that wrong…
My ex stabbed me with scissors, when I got home one night. She insisted that since I didn’t answer her calls that I was cheating on her. (I was not…) Scissors went 3 inches into my gut. In a daze of confusion I wrestled her to the floor in an attempt to stop her attack. I woke up 4 days later to learn her brother, who, while I was trying to subdue her… thought I was attacking her, hit me in the head with a cast iron skillet.

3. Lock it up
Was seeing the girl for like 6ish weeks. We went out one night and she said she had to work late the next day but wanted to come over after. So I gave her my apartment spare key because why not and told her to let herself in. I ended up falling asleep waiting for her. I woke up at like 12am and noticed there was like a TV light on in the living room. I just figured she was watching something and maybe grabbing a snack before she came to bed. I got up to say hi, rounded the corner, and she was on my computer sifting through my Facebook. I asked her what she was doing and it was obvious she had no idea I was awake and freaked out. Needless to say I told her to give me my key back and showed her the door.

Funny thing is if she asked I would have let her look. I had nothing to hide. I would have thought it was weird but everyone has their trust issues. But doing something like that behind my back was not cool. To this day I never leave my computer without hitting win-L to lock it.

4. Okay then
I was having sex with a girl for the first time and during it she stopped and said, “I don’t think I can do this, I think I’m pregnant.” We went to sleep and after that night I continued hanging out with her for a while. She eventually got a boyfriend and he message me on Facebook saying, “if I ever see you I’m going to kick your ass, I know what you did to her! Don’t respond to this message because I don’t want her finding out I’m messaging you.” I’m still kind of confused by the whole situation.

5. Cougartown
My 21st birthday, co-worker took me out for drinks, his girlfriend came along (I used to work with her, her boyfriend got me in his company after I got laid off)

I vomitted so much in her bathroom toilet, they went to bed. I woke up several times on her living room couch with her hand up the back of my shirt, rubbing my back. She’d notice I was awake, then go back to bed. Then come back a few minutes later.

They broke up and he told me how much she wanted to fuck me. Oh, they were both old enough to be my parents btw

6. Maybe she needed validation?
This girl who works at my mom’s work (they’re servers) always tells my mom she’s going to marry me and thinks I’m cute. It wasn’t a big deal at first. But it got out of control for a little bit there. Commenting heart eyes and inappropriate remarks on any post my mom made with me tagged in it. She finally followed me on Instagram and liked everyone of my 700 something posts. And here comes the best(worst?) part… She starts messaging me through Instagram and I didn’t reply once but she begins having a conversation with herself with me in my inbox. Like asking questions, and answering them for herself and replying as if I said something and saying things like I heard from your mom that you’re going through a rough time and opens up to me about her past which is a long and inappropriate thing to send to someone who hasn’t even replied. This is among many other creepy things she’s done to me. She doesn’t bother me anymore though, just the occasional like on a picture.

7. Very weird
I was at the pub with some friends and one of them left a scarf at a now packed table. She was feeling socially awkward and asked me to get it. I thought no big deal, I’ll get it and show her there’s nothing to be worried about. I asked a woman in her early twenties (I was 18) if she could pass me the scarf. She got up, walked over to me, wrapped it around my neck and proceeded to try choke me with it, really going for it. Her hands were shaking from the force she was putting into pulling the two ends of the scarf. The pub was packed but everyone just stood there not exactly sure of what was happening (myself included). After what felt like ages two guys pulled her back to her table. They were looking at me worried, shaking their heads with faces that said “we have no idea”. Everyone around the table clearly knew her and were shocked by her behaviour.

I can’t help but think about how differently this would have played out if the genders were reversed. If a man did that to a woman in a crowded pub he’d get thrown out and the police would be called.

8. Ha! Buh bye
Came back to the dorm to find a girl who I didn’t know waiting for me. I had apparently served her food once at the campus food place I worked at. She figured out who I was and where I lived without even my name. Not sure how I manged to shoo her out peacefully but I did

9. Playing Doctor-ish
When I was in middle school a friend of mine was absolutely fascinated by the fact that I had pubes. Didn’t want to see my dick… just the pubes.

10. Jeez…
Sucked my blood from an opened scab without informing me she was about to do so. She considered herself a “vampire.”

Why are women dangerous with sharp objects?
had a disagreement over buying her some new outfit dress thing. With the supposed victory going to me with we don’t have the money right now and we’ll see next paycheck compromise.

About and hour later while i was cooking dinner she came up and apologized then came in for a hug. which started nice and somewhat affectionate but ended with her pulling her arms away very quickly across my back. This was to have the two razor blades she had slice two deep slashes across my back. She ran away and locked herself in the bathroom. I called 911 and went got stitches and all the medical things (had insurance, thankfully). Obviously the relationship ended then and there. Looking back like 15 years later, it is really strange as we were together for about 3 years and didn’t have any major fights or physical altercations before that happen. It was so trivial with some massive escalation but in the end it taught me that yes I can cut someone out of my life… figuratively. woo puns

11. IF
A girl I had been dating for just a couple weeks invited me to her mom’s house for dinner. Halfway through dinner I finally noticed that they had printed out pictures of me from myspace (this was back when myspace was normal), put them in frames, and randomly interspersed them with other family pictures throughout the house. They were laughing hysterically at my reaction. I told them – very plainly and very seriously – that IF it was a joke, it was hilarious. But if it wasn’t…

They never actually answered whether it was a joke or not. We didn’t date much longer than that

12. The old one is out
Just started dating, showed her a pic of my son, she then asked what I was going to do with him once we Had kids.


13. Obviously not over it
Faked her own death. Faked a terminal illness. Faked a miscarriage. Faked a suicide. Stole over 5 grand from me. Gave me a vd, made it my fault. The list goes on. It’s my fault for believing any of it. But she hunted me down like easy prey when I was easy prey. I hope you really are dead Andria. Fuck you.

14. I hope you pressed charges?

I was super drunk passed out on my friends couch. His friend was there also. I woke up to find her straddling me and pouring whiskey down my throat (it was super not needed i was destroyed). Apparently she had sex with me that night. Cant say i consented as i wasnt conscious.

15. Seems normal enough
a girl licked my knee at a club

16. That’s just unnecessary
A girl borrowed my Hoodie in 9th grade, Masturbated on it and gave it back to me. She was really a disturbing girl but didn’t find out until that happened.

17. Maybe it was just a phase

Girl I dated made a voodoo doll out of her used tampon and my hair shavings (from my electric razor) that she said she’d use on me if we ever broke up. She buried it inside a lunchbox at the beach and drew a map to find it. She’s now a married mother of two.

18. Sounds fun
Searched my apartment, phone, camera, computer, and everything else I owned the first time I left her alone in my place because she “wanted to know more about me”.

She ended up creating a version of my personality she interpreted through my things.

19. Smell me, now!
I was at work when a customer came in. She was overweight and looked pretty slobby. Hair was a mess, wearing pajamas, a mismatched pair of shoes. She came up to me and asked how she looked because she was about to start driving for Uber and wanted to know if she looked presentable. I just said sure and tried walking away but she wouldn’t let me leave. I don’t know how we ended up here but she started talking about how her skin can’t handle most soaps, and had to use some alternative to it (can’t remember what it was.) She shoved her arm in my face telling me to smell it, to see that it didn’t smell bad. I politely declined, but she did it again and made it clear she wasn’t moving until I smelled her arm. I finally did, said it was fine, and walked away as fast as I could. Was definitely one of the most uncomfortable moments I’ve had with someone.

20. That’s harassment
As a young teenager, this big girl would aggressively grope me every chance she got on the school bus.

The bus driver wouldn’t believe me because women don’t do that and/or guys always want it.


One day I was walking to my seat, she grabbed my crotch so hard it hurt and said “you’re not a real man until you split dark oak” (she was a black girl in case that pickup line didn’t make sense).

I started walking home or bumming rides after that.

21. Oh sh*t

She showed up at my apartment back in college. She knocked on the door and I didn’t answer. It was late, I was tired, and I didn’t invite her over. She kept knocking louder and louder. The police arrived and asked her to leave. She left and showed back up about five minutes later. She knocked some more and finally gave up. The next morning I found a human turd on my doormat.

22. A dangerous threat
After 3 or so dates started talkibg like we were engaged.

“When are we going on vacation together?”

“Should we get married in a church?”

“How many would you like us to have?”


I called it off after that. So she threatened to tell the police i raped her. Luckily nothing ever came of that.

23. Must have hurt her…a lot
I dated an artist a few years back. I got a notification on instagram that she tagged me in one of her paintings, and so I go to check it out. I see that it is a painting of her cutting off my dick while she’s wearing a bunny suit. I then check out her instagram “story”: it’s a video of the painting in progress, and she’s actually wearing a bunny suit while painting it.