21 Subtle Signs You’re Hotter Than You Think

Maybe you had an awkward phase as a teenager: acne, frizzy hair, the whole nine yards. We’ve all been through it, but let’s be real — you’re hot now. You’ve experienced a serious glow-up and frankly, you’re sexy as hell. Own it! If you’re struggling to believe it, here are some signs you’re hotter than you think and need to start feeling a bit more confident.

1. People Look Up When You Walk By.
Have you noticed that when you walk by someone, people kind of look up at you? That’s called presence and you have it. You turn heads because you’re attractive just by being who you are. This is because your aura radiates from you and people can’t help but notice it.

2. Women (And Men) Don’t Necessarily Compliment You A Lot.
A lot of women assume that you know you’re hot, so you don’t get a lot of compliments (which can sometimes make you think that you’re not hot, unfortunately). Sadly, the truth is that many women are intimidated by other women because they feel like they’re competition rather than friends. That’s not your problem to deal with. However, it is one of the biggest signs you’re hotter than you think.

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4. People Don’t Believe That You Don’t Get Complimented.
“Oh, but you get that a lot since you’re so [insert compliment here], I bet!” Em… I’m sorry, but no? The assumption that hot women get compliments all the time is generally untrue. You’d be surprised at how rarely this happens, but it’s always nice when it does.

5. People Are Shocked When You Tell Them One Of Your (Physical) Insecurities.
We often hate things about ourselves that make us stick out, but that’s often what makes us attractive, so people don’t understand when we’re insecure about it. “Ugh, I hate my eyes, they’re too big!” can seem like the oddest statement to someone who hadn’t been called “frog eyes” for their entire childhood.

6. You’ve Had A Hanger-On On A Night Out On More Than One Occasion.
OK, sometimes these guys are weird for weird’s sake, but at other times you’ve simply mesmerized them and they can’t help but gaze at you as you awkwardly try to ignore them while sipping on your drink. It’s a cross you’ll just have to bear.

7. A Few Months Without Some Action Is A Lot For You.
You’re often in relationships, dating someone, or someone’s into you. And you kind of think that’s normal. Newsflash: for women who aren’t hot (and I don’t just mean appearance-wise), it’s definitely not. If it seems bizarre to be single for longer than a couple of weeks, this is one of the biggest signs you’re hotter than you think.

8. You Insist On Living Your Life Authentically.
While you’re off living your life, trying to be happy, trying to be your authentic self, people are watching on and admiring you for your beauty – inside and out. You never apologize for who you are, what you wear, where you want to go in life, or anything else. You know that not everyone is going to be your #1 fan and you’re just fine with that. It’s actually really refreshing, and people won’t fail to take notice.

9. Men Turn Into Peacocks Around You.
You’re pretty low-key and wouldn’t consider yourself judgmental when it comes to guys, but that doesn’t stop them from strutting their stuff around you, acting extra arrogant, and trying to show off and even one-up you sometimes. This is because you’re so hot, they feel the need to big themselves up to try and get on your level. It’s unnecessary and unattractive, but they do it anyway.

10. You’ve Been The Target For Many Mean Girls.
You wouldn’t think this would be part of a list of signs you’re hotter than you give yourself credit for, but it actually makes a lot of sense. If mean girls continue to treat you like crap even now that you’re an adult, this is because they’re intimidated by you. They think that in order to feel better about themselves, they have to bring you down. Thankfully, you’re too confident in who you are to pay them any mind at all.

11. You Can’t Seem To Get Rid Of Your Exes.
When you end a relationship, it’s because you’re done with it and ready to move on. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like your exes get the message. They’re constantly coming back, begging for another chance, and insisting that things will be different this time. This is because you’re such a dynamic and amazing woman that they can’t believe they were silly enough to mess things up with you. Their loss!

12. You’re Passionate And Optimistic.
One of the best qualities you can have — and one of the toughest to master — is the ability to see the bright side of any situation. You’ve got that one down pat and it actually comes naturally to you. Your sunny disposition paired with your general zest for life is incredibly attractive to other people and only serves to draw them to you.

13. You’re Entirely Self-Sufficient And You Like It That Way.
You don’t need a partner, parent, or anyone else to pay your bills or spoil you because you can do that for yourself. You work hard to build a career you’re proud of and you’re on top of your finances. You don’t need to make a ton of money to make sure your bills are paid and you can provide yourself with the creature comforts that make you happiest. This is incredibly sexy to men, but that’s not why you live this way. You just can’t imagine having to rely on anyone else in that way — it’s not in your nature.

14. You Have High Standards.
There are some women who will put up with anything in a relationship because it’s better than being alone. That’s definitely not you. You’re clear about your standards, expectations, and boundaries in all areas of life. Whether in your dating relationships, friendships, or at work, you have no qualms about standing up for yourself and ensuring that you’re respected and valued.

15. You’re Genuinely Friendly And Approachable.
There’s nothing hot about a snob. If you’re someone who prides yourself on being kind and courteous to everyone you meet and you never look down on people or judge them for being different than you, other people are going to pick up on that. It’s a rare quality that shows just what a wonderful person you are.

16. You Have An Incredible Sense Of Humor.
Sometimes life is going to be tough and the only thing you’ll have to get you through is your ability to laugh. One of the biggest signs you’re hotter than you think is when you don’t take yourself or life too seriously and can always find a way to be silly and put a smile on your face (and the faces of others). Who wouldn’t want to be around someone like that? It’s infectious!

17. You Put Effort Into Your Appearance.
While hotness is more about your personality and attitude than it is about physical appearance, there’s no denying that your physical beauty will be noticed by other people. You don’t have to have been born looking like a supermodel, either. If you take pride in your appearance and make an effort to be well-kempt and to wear clothes that make you feel confident and badass, you won’t go wrong.

18. You’re Not Afraid To Show Off Your Intelligence.
You’re smart and you know it. While many women might feel pressured to dull their intelligence in order to not intimidate men or seem too full of themselves, you’re too smart to fall for that. You’ve got book smarts and street smarts and you’re not afraid to show them off. This doesn’t mean that you’re full of yourself or that you talk over other people and think you’re right all the time, only that you have the knowledge and you want to share it. What’s wrong with that?

19. You Don’t Get Involved In Drama.
You’re not in high school anymore and you’re not interested in pretending like you are. You steer clear of drama at all costs, not instigating it or taking part in it when it surrounds you. You’re emotionally mature and prefer to deal with any issues like the adult that you are using clear communication. Anything else is unacceptable and not for you.

20. You Value Your Health.
Again, you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete or spend 10 hours a week at the gym to be considered “healthy.” However, no one can help but be attracted to a woman who values her physical well-being and looks after it in the best way she sees fit. Maybe you do like powerlifting or cycling. Maybe you’re more into yoga or going for long walks outdoors. You try to eat a relatively healthy diet because you want to age gracefully and well. That’s hot.

21. You Keep An Open Mind.
While many people become set in their ways over time, you don’t. Sure, you have your likes and preferences, but you also know that life is about constantly evolving and there may come a time when your feelings or opinions on a person, place, or thing change. You’re open to the idea of constantly learning because you’re always trying to become your best self.

22. You Have Too Many Goals To Count.
To say you’re ambitious would be an understatement. You have so many things you want to accomplish in life, and they’re not all pipe dreams either. In fact, you have realistic game plans for achieving each and every one of the things on your bucket list and you won’t stop until you do.

At the end of the day, attractiveness is all about the way you carry yourself, and if you exude confidence, independence, and intelligence, there’s no way other people won’t see that.