17 First Date Stories That Are So Pure And Wonderful, You Might Not Recover
Not all first dates have to be awkward or awful.


Get ready to feel some things, because their submissions were sweet AF.
1. Learning to fly:
“I went on a Bumble date and met the guy at a restaurant where you could see small airplanes take off and land as you eat. I knew the guy was a pilot, but had no idea that later that night he would teach me to fly the airplane! I took off, and he flew me over the city of Chicago at sunset, flew over my home town, and gave me the best first date I’d ever been on!” —meredithw47eef2c49

2. When you know, you know:
“We went to Taco Bell. I didn’t even know it was a date!! We were friends and unaware we both had crushes on each other. He ordered 20 tacos for us to share, and I knew I wanted to be together.” —catherinek4e80323fb

3. The freshmen:
“We met at freshman orientation the summer before college started because I stepped on the back of his shoe and nearly sent him down a flight of stairs. We spent the rest of orientation attached at the hip joking and talking about everything. At the end of the day, we ended up taking a walk around campus together until we got to a huge fountain where we sat and did nothing but talk for hours even though we’d literally only known each other for a day. He walked me back to my building around 3 a.m., and we hugged goodnight. We’ve been together for seven years now.” —hong-ahd

4. The sweetest birthday:
“A guy I had just met through some friends was celebrating his birthday, so I called him up and started singing the birthday song. He was so shocked and overjoyed and mentioned I was the first one to greet him. I ended up asking him out to dinner that night because I felt like he shouldn’t be alone on his birthday. I didn’t actually get him anything, so after dessert I went inside the cafe, bought a cupcake, asked for a candle, and went outside singing the birthday song. After that night, this guy went to the ends of the earth just to marry me.” —kriziapamelacruza

5. Making lemonade:
“I was 15 and we decided to go to a Halloween haunted trail for fun. Well, the truck broke down 1/4 mile away from the trail, and it started pouring. He got out and tried to fix the truck to no avail. We waited an hour for his parents to come and bring us home, and in that hour we swapped stories, played our favorite songs, and he turned on the cool work light on the truck. We got home and watched movies with some hot cocoa and continued swapping stories and watching movies for five more years. Wouldn’t have changed a thing.” —c4e07d5db2

6. Crepe expectations:
“After matching on Tinder, we prefaced that we both were just making friends and didn’t want to call it a date. Well, by the end of it we were totally smitten with one another. I ended up back at his place, but for the sake of being respectful, he let me sleep in his guest bedroom when it got too late for me to drive. The next morning I woke up to him in the kitchen making crepes, with hot coffee on the table. It was seriously the best date I’d ever been on.” —emilys496064c39

7. Chilling at the playground:
“Our mutual friend set us up on a blind date. We met for coffee and then I treated her to dinner and a movie. Afterwards we went to a park and played on the play set, talking about everything and anything. We ended up staying out until about 3 a.m. There was no kiss on the first date, but Feb. 10 of this year was our first anniversary and I could not be happier.” —alexistayloracevedo

8. The weekend getaway:
“The best first date I went on was a three-day weekend up to Duluth, MN. We met on Tinder and joked for months that we would meet and go on a mini getaway. Well, that’s exactly what happened. I went over to his place to spend the night so we could leave bright and early. I woke up to him making pancakes and coffee, and then we played games the whole car ride up. We ended up having dinner right on the lake before agate hunting up near Gooseberry Falls the next day. We then left to head back to the cities and we cooked dinner together. Definitely the oddest FIRST DATE ever. But, after two years, we still do the same trip on our anniversary.” —lizzketts

9. The magical big cats:
“We went to a big cat sanctuary because he got invited when selling the owner of the sanctuary a gun. (We both worked for an outdoor sports store.) We went on the normal tour but, when they closed their gates, we went behind the scenes, helping put the tigers in their respected cages for the night. We also got to witness a male lion doing his evening calls to the females to make sure they were okay and ready to go into the night. It was magical.” —abbeyk4b4d9a85b

10. Eat your heart out, Nicholas Sparks:
“We talked for hours like we were the only two people in the restaurant. After dinner, he invited me over to his place. He made us hot toddies and he showed me his mom’s letters to him and pictures of his family. It felt like we had known each other for years. Eventually, he leaned over and kissed me. Then he asked ‘Would you like to dance?’ And we slow danced in the middle of his bedroom filled with fairy lights, with Bon Iver softly playing in the background.. It felt like I was plopped into a Nicholas Sparks movie! Around 2 a.m., he drove me home and we kissed goodnight on my front porch. We just celebrated our five-year anniversary.” —emmaf449c3326d

11. Love at first hug:
“I was running a little late and was super nervous. When I walked into the bar, it was extremely crowded, and I started to look around. I can remember the panic setting in that he had bailed on the date. I finally saw him, waving at me. My nerves were still running a million miles a minute, but when I walked up to him, he gave me the best hug I have ever had in my entire life. It was a quick hug, but all of the nerves melted away, and I felt so instantly comfortable with him. After sitting down for a brief minute, he practically read my mind and said something along the lines of, ‘I’m sorry. That was such a great hug. Can I hug you again? I’m just so excited to have met you.’ I call it love at first hug.” —trioc3

12. Laser tag love:
“I challenged this nerdy guy that I had a crush on to a game of laser tag. So we went to a local arcade on a Sunday night. We were the only ones in the laser tag arena, and I demolished him! It was actually really exciting considering he played video games way more than I did. Afterward, we saw Maleficent, and, before the movie started, the screen was black for a few seconds. He turned to me and whispered in my ear, ‘This is my favorite part of the whole movie!’ Honestly, that just confirmed that he is a dork and I love that about him.” —guiniverec

13. Fireworks, literally:
“After dinner we wandered around a park and had our first kiss in a gazebo. There apparently was some city celebration going on that weekend because right when we kissed actual fireworks went off — I’m not making this up! We were married five years later and will be celebrating the 12-year anniversary of that first date this summer.” —leahp4e6e88dc1

14. Christmas in Manhattan:
“We met online and had been talking for a while when he asked for a first date. Unfortunately, I was just about to leave to visit my father in New York. Fortunately, he was about to leave for winter break back home — in New Jersey. So our first date was Christmastime in New York city (my first time there). We had lunch and then walked around the Museum of Modern Art. Then he took me to Juilliard — where his brother went to school — and he played a piece he composed just for me on a piano in their practice rooms. We finished by having dinner at this beautiful candlelit Italian restaurant and then sharing a kiss in front of the giant tree at Rockefeller Plaza. Hard to top that as a first date.” —elizar4fbc626f8

15. Instant comfort:
“I met this guy online and we hit it off and we decided to plan a date for the following Friday. However, the night before our first date, I had a massive panic attack. All of my friends were out of town. I texted him and said, ‘I know we’ve only been talking for five days, but I’m having a really hard time right now. Please, can you come over and just sit with me?’ He came over — we shook hands (awkwardly) — and put on Parks and Recreation and watched almost the entire first season together, not really even talking, just enjoying each other’s company. Just having someone there to hold my hand and care about me made me feel immensely better. The following night, we had our planned date, and he cooked me a picnic that we ate in the open air.” —graciee4669d4662

16. Bowling for love:
“We decided to meet up for drinks on a Sunday after briefly being introduced by a mutual friend. We had a few drinks and were talking about interests and I casually mentioned that I had my 26th birthday party at a bowling alley. He got very excited, told me that he was in a bowling league, and asked if we should we go bowling right then and there. There was a bowling alley right across the street from where we were and, even though I love a plan and a routine, we decided to go and we had the absolute best time and laughed for hours. We both deleted our dating apps that night, and it was the best first date I have ever had.” —lindseyd493c9362e

17. John Tucker lives?:
“I work at a beach as a lifeguard in the summer and matched on Bumble with this sailing instructor at a town nearby. He claims he’s never done this before, but he asked if I wanted to take his boss’s 27-foot sailboat out on the bay for some drinks and dinner. Took a pretty risky chance saying yes to this date where there would be minimum contact with the outside world, but he seemed pretty cool. So he picked me up at the dock where I work, and we hit it off immediately. I can’t say I’m a girl that likes romance, but the guy basically pulled a John Tucker, and I was SMITTEN. Ended up spending the night and, almost two years later, we will be moving in together this summer!” —alexd489c5712b