Mission Vision & Values

The world around us is filled with all kinds of products that serve many purposes. We look at trends and forces that shape our world and develop products that can provide humor and joy in those areas. We believe there are far too few products that really make you happy, feel good and at the same time, make life a little easier to understand. This belief provides our company with a roadmap to continue to fill the “happy” gap with our innovative fun products.

Our journey starts with our mission. It is who we are and our purpose for all our decisions which sets the standards of how we operate.
• Create a better life experience through laughter and good feelings
• Inspire love and caring for all things created
• Make a positive difference in the quality of everyone’s life

Our vision guides us in every aspect of our business by allowing us the insight to stay focused on what really works in accomplishing our goals and allowing our company to achieve outstanding success

• People: Treat everyone with respect and inspire all to do the same. Maintain a work environment filled with joy and good feelings
• Planet: Make everyone’s life experience a more pleasurable one
• Portfolio: Create innovative Fun Products that create good feelings and happiness for everyone.
• Productivity: Employ creative fun loving innovative people to make us a superior company in developing outstanding unique fun inspired products.

Our Values define who we are and how we stay focused
• Leadership: The focus and determination to create Laughter, fun and a better quality of life
• Collaboration: Leverage collective thinking with creative minds to create effective products
• Integrity: Our understanding of how to make a positive difference
• Accountability: We are the creators therefore it starts with us
• Passion: Committed to create good feelings worldwide
• Quality: Our good vibes translates to our products integrity
• Client Focus: Making people feel good is why we do what we do

• Inspire happiness, love, compassion and Good vibes worldwide